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  • I enjoyed your quiz, however there is one key fact you overlooked.There are actually an infinate amount of universes that make up the whole of reality, and each of these universes are connected to one another like membranes. Each of these membrane universes are contained within the elventh dimension, including our own unverse which is the central universe. One coulld even theorize that it is possible to enter one of these other universes by creating an interdimensional vortex in quasidimensional space time...however, i did love the test..lol!

  • me is a mermaid! and yea! the description's totally uber accurate!

  • yaaa!!! im a pixie and the description is soo sooo accurate!

    Too me
  • yay! a fairy!

  • wow u r good u got me down u said i was a mermaid but iam so not(wink wink) psh phs psh anyway it was good i give it 6 stars


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