What are you? An Alpha, Beta or Omega?

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So this is a quiz saying whether you are the strong and reliable Alpha of the pack, a leader. Or if you are the trustworthy and protector of an Beta. Answer to find out!

Note; The title says Alpha, Beta and OMEGA but that is because it didn't clarify on how to make the third one. My mistake which it wont let me edit. But I do hope you like the quiz since some real effort has been put into it surprisingly! Thank you and enjoy!

Created by: Charlotte
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which role best describes you?
  2. What is your style?
  3. Which is most likely to be your friend group?
  4. Someone has gone missing that you know, how would you respond?
  5. How do you work in groups?
  6. Do you listen?
  7. What is your role when planning a social event with a friend or friends?
  8. What do you believe you got? (No change in result. FWI Omega isn't an option)
  9. How was my first quiz?
  10. Dude I just need 12 questions :(

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Quiz topic: What am I? An Alpha, Beta or Omega?