What animation role suits you? e.g acting

There are different roles in the animating indurstry, but at least one would suit someone of any personality. This quiz will determan which role that is.

Do you know what role you would be in this indurstry? Is there any answers you particularly want? This quiz is made for but suits personalities for the answer.

Created by: dog123
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How easily motivated are you?
  2. Have you got good patience
  3. Can you keep to deadlines
  4. Choose nearest trait of you
  5. Describe best working space
  6. Desirable working hours? Can't be 0 ;)
  7. How would you prefer do dress for work?
  8. Favourite subject of these?
  9. Do you like to be in charge?
  10. Which role do you prefer? (little effect)

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Quiz topic: What animation role suits me? e.g acting