What character of Black moon (fan made) are you?

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There are many characters in our new fan-made animation black moon. Four main characters. You must choose you destiny in this quiz and discover who you are most like. Visit youtube and find out the animation coming soon. Or... visit our website for details: [no urls]

Who are you... What's your destiny... Which character are you most like... But thanks to this quiz black moon's characters your most like is just a click away.

Created by: Wolfluv
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is the most likely thing for you to say?
  2. What would be your special marking?
  3. What would you want a ability of?
  4. What past will you want?
  5. How will you act in a sad situation? ect. someone close passes away
  6. How will you act in a happy situation?
  7. How will you fight?
  8. In this rhyme 'A flower, A flame, A birdlike name, are all that are needed to save the wild again' which will you choose
  9. What will be your favorite out of these?
  10. What will you choose?

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Quiz topic: What character of Black moon (fan made) am I?