What Animal Are You?

I often have random thoughts and this is one of them. I was sitting on My Space and was so bored that i decided to create my first ever quiz.I do apologise for how CRA P it really is. P.S. I have to put spaces between rude words or the stupid computer wont let me use them!

So please take my quiz and see wat animal u wud be. Are u a cheeky chappy, friendly face or a lovable leader. Remember it all a bit a fun and is just there for you to use up some time you obviously have. Carry on and find out which animal most suits ur personality xxx

Created by: amazon of Phi
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  1. Ur on ur way out and ur mate phones u in tears. Wat do u do...
  2. U find out dat a so called friend has been bit chin bout u behind ur back. Wat do u do
  3. Wat is ur motto
  4. U hav only got £50 in ur purse t las ya da next 2 weeks. wat do u do wit it
  5. Its all fair in love and war
  6. Im happiest wen...
  7. U get wat u deserve...
  8. Wat do ya think of my first eva quiz
  9. If ya cud change anythin bout urself wat wud it be
  10. Will ya do my next quiz

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Quiz topic: What Animal am I?