what accsent do you have?

there are many diifferent poeple in the world with many ways of speaking and mny accsent have you ever wonder which one do you have, so if you do let's get cracking

do you have an accsent, if so which one do you have, there is six different accsnts in the world which inclube african and australian, so do you have the one you think you do let's find out.

Created by: wwejaxjj

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  1. does cot and caught sound the same
  2. does not and knot sound the same
  3. how about don and dawn
  4. does caller and collar
  5. does dot rhyme with caught and shot
  6. does fatigue rhyme with beak
  7. does cheat rhyme with wheat
  8. does please rhyme with cheese
  9. does bert and yougert rhyme
  10. does hurt and bert rhyme?
  11. how was the quiz( this question will help find accsent)

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Quiz topic: What accsent do I have?