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  • Omg I would totes say yes to Louis. I have loved him from the start.

    knightwing02 Apr 3 '15, 6:33AM

    larryxstylinson Feb 16 '15, 12:55PM
  • Yes I got louis. I always new he was my soulmate.

    louislober13 Jan 20 '15, 5:39PM
  • I would say yes then tell him to let me meet the band and let me sing with them and hewouldsay of cores and then I would sing what makes you beautiful and that one thing and up all night

    Sandy12353 Mar 15 '13, 7:56AM
  • Yay I. Got. Louis. But. When I looked. t. The. Graph I got. Zayn

    Sandy12353 Mar 15 '13, 7:44AM
  • omg i got naill! *screaming*
    yay i love him! (i love harry to, but still... NAILL!!!!)
    I'm so happy! ^_^

    alisa Oct 21 '12, 1:24PM
  • I got Harry yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay:D D.I love all of them but I love Harry more

    Behnoush Oct 12 '12, 7:39AM
  • i love zayn im so glad i got him love you babe dont have to ask me twice cuz the answer is yes you are so buetiful it makes me wanna cry lol

    i love zayn Jul 16 '12, 12:33PM
  • i love zayn so much he doesnt have to ask me twice i love them all but i cant help liking zayn more love you :you are so buetifal i just wanna cry

    i love zayn Jul 16 '12, 12:31PM
  • I got Harry Yay!
    I like Harry and Zayn! But yay!

    Luna123 Jul 10 '12, 5:40PM
  • Niall Horan
    Definitely yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

    XXLuvinuXX Jul 10 '12, 9:18AM
  • Niall Botany Definitely yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

    XXLuvinuXX Jul 10 '12, 9:17AM
  • Niall, you don't know how long I have waited to hear those words! I do!!! Lol

    Parawhore Jun 19 '12, 1:47AM
  • @natuhleegayle
    omf g i wish i could i see them in concert! i'm waiting for an all 1D American Tour though, not much of a fan of Big Time Rush. ugh, i love them so much.

    Dannica Feb 27 '12, 8:00PM
  • HARRY ! I GOT MY BABY HARRY EDWARD STYLES ! Don't get me wrong, I love all of them and I'm happy with whomever.

    I saw them in concert with big time rush and they were amazayn :')

    natuhleegayle Feb 27 '12, 7:22PM
  • Your Result: Zayn Malik

    How He'll Propose: Zayn will offer to draw you a picture, you pose and wait for him to finish. When he shows you the picture, you see yourself in a wedding dress standing beside Zayn at the altar. The words "Will you marry me ?" are written neatly beside the picture And you can choose what you will say to him YES/NO .. Comment Below

    asdf ghjkl :D :> :3 ^-^ :')

    There ain't no smiley that can describe how much I liked this result :>

    AiFiahK3mE Feb 27 '12, 6:14PM

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