webkinz hard quiz 3

there are lots of fans of webkinz world are you one of them if you are then try my new quiz called webkinz hard quiz 3 then you'll be a good webkinz fan

are you a fan try my one and only number 3 webkinz hard quiz you should try it now and you'll be as smart as ever at webkinz you'll be great

Created by: sarah of webkinz.com
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  1. has the pinktastic peacock got short legs
  2. what colour is the blueberry cheeky dog
  3. can you buy the magical retriever
  4. what is the school called
  5. who is plumpys little sister
  6. cowoline does what
  7. which is heavier a webkinz elephant or a brick
  8. if you mix a thick knit sweater fuzzy slippers and yoga pants what do you get
  9. what can't you buy with webkinz on it
  10. can you have stickers on a letter

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