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There's a bunch of smart people in the world, but they're kind of hard to find. Being smart is a great feeling you actually do concentrate and listen/and or read every detail closely and study.

Are you a slacker or a genius? Do you have the type of brain that makes you doze off right in the biggest and smallest important things? Are you a genius who's SO AWESOME and interesting? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Nicki
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  1. Why was Emma shy and poor?
  2. Who were the main actor and actress?
  3. Who offered Emma to be friends?
  4. What was Emma like?
  5. What did Jake do and say when he first saw Emma?
  6. What was the name of Kevin's long lost childhood girlfriend?
  7. How does Larry know Hannah well?
  8. What episode number did Jake and Emma have their first kiss and started dating?
  9. What are Bella's hobbies?
  10. Why does Hannah hate Emma?
  11. What did Hannah do to Emma that was so bad?
  12. Who were in Hannah's popular group?
  13. Did Emma show up to the Valentines Dance?
  14. Why did Lucy sneak out during the all girl sleepover?
  15. Why didn't Emma go swimming in Bella's pool party like everyone else?
  16. Why did Hannah push Emma into the pool?
  17. Who saved Emma from almost drowning in the pool?
  18. What did Emma do before running far away from home?
  19. How long was Emma gone?
  20. How did Jake feel when he found out Emma ran away?
  21. Who was part of Bella's dance team?
  22. What did Bella and the gang name their dance team?
  23. Why wasn't Jake barely talking to anyone for the whole school year?
  24. Who's been taking care of Emma the whole time?
  25. Where did Bella find Emma?
  26. Did Emma come back to high school in time for graduation?
  27. What did Jake do when he saw that Emma was finally back and safe?
  28. Did Emma get to graduate along with everyone else?
  29. What ended up happening to the popular group?
  30. What happened to Hannah at the very end?
  31. Did Jake and Emma end up happy and peaceful together?

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