which awesome webkinz are you

this quiz is very good to people that are webkinz fans so they know what they can be and this quiz has all the questions you need not too hard ones good ones

are you a webkinz fan do you know what webkinz you are out of a few of mine if you don't come to my quiz its really good with a cherry on top of it

Created by: sarah of webkinz.com
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  1. what do you like to play with
  2. what do you like to eat
  3. what do you like to drink
  4. what do you do in your free time
  5. what do you like to chase
  6. whats your favourite colour
  7. do you like school
  8. where do you like going to
  9. where do you like going to
  10. and finally which pattern do you like

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Quiz topic: Which awesome webkinz am I