The webkinz quiz

Most the people on go to quiz do not know what webkinz is but for those who do you are very smart and i am very proud of you for playing this game and so happy you clicked on my quiz

Have you ever wondred if you were smart enough to say you knew more aout webkinz then the rest of the suckers? 13 VERY SIMPLE questions go find out if you know more then your friends!

Created by: Beverlyreagan

  1. What day was webkinz created?
  2. What year was webkinz made?
  3. Who made webkinz?
  4. When was/will ganz have thier 10th aniversry?
  5. What is or was on the webkinz tag? (exuse my spelling)
  6. What special webkinz came out in march of 2014 but was soon after recalled due to the eye falling out
  7. How much does a small room on webkinz cost?
  8. How much does a medium room cost?
  9. How much does a large room cost?
  10. Can you get:
  11. How much money can you have?
  12. Can webkinz wear clothes?
  13. What do you need to be able to do more stuff and get a free gift every month and estore points every month?

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