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You try out your weather, how well do you know it? tkae this quiz and find out if you know it then you are awesome and so yeah so when you ever yeah every other

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Created by: Drake
  1. Air Pollution is mostly due to the burning of ______ such as coal, oil and natural gas.
  2. Harmful substances in the air, water or soil are called _______.
  3. Photochemical Smog is caused by the action of ______ on chemicals
  4. Air has mass and takes up space so it is considered to be what?
  5. What happens when a column of air pushes down on an area?
  6. What is Air Pressure measured with?
  7. The higher the Altitude the ____ the air pressure
  8. The lower the altitude the _____ the air pressure
  9. Where does weather take place?
  10. aa

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