Wasn't Magic Supposed To Make Life Easier? Part 2

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If you've taken the first quiz, you must know this is a HOGWARTS LOVE STORY. Now, keep on reading, okay?

Oh, and I'm thinking of maybe add Seamus... Tell me if you want it in the comments!

Created by: AiFiahK3mE
  1. Well, after Defence Against The Dark Arts, it was Potions. You walked in to the classroom, a little too early, but you didn't want to risk earning a detention. Specially not in your first school day. You went to an empty seat(there were many of them), sat down, and began reading a random book. The book turned out to be some weird, muggle-book about a young couple. Their families were supposedly enemies, but the boy and the girl still loved each other more than anything else. They got secretly married, and just hours after the marriage the boy killed the girl's cousin, and... Blah. You closed the book, deciding you'd probably give it to Hermione or someone else who liked to read. You looked at the title of the book. 'Romeo and Juliet'. Seriously? Muggles have weird taste(I don't think there's anything wrong with Romeo and Juliet, I actually like it a bit, but I just needed some book that existed in 1993, and that probably everyone would know). Before you could think more about it, you noticed Ron was by your side. "Hey Ron" you say. He jumped in surprise. "Hi Grace!" he said. "Did I scare you? Sorry then. But how did I scare you when I was right by your side and you knew it?" you ask. "Oh, uhm, I was distracted..." he said, glancing at Harry who was four seats away from you two. "Oh. Sorry" you say. "Grace?" he asked, suddenly. "Yeah?" you reply. "I was wondering... Is Daniel really your twin? I mean, your birthdays are the same, you're in the same year and all, but... You REALLY don't look like twins. Look at Fred and George, for example. Or at Parvati and Padma Patil. See?" he asked. "Well, yeah, he is my twin. It's just that our mother is english, and she has blonde hair and grey eyes, and our father is brazilian and he has black hair and brown eyes. Why Daniel and I turned out to be so different, I don't know." you answer. "Who's the older?" he asked. "Daniel. But it's mostly me that takes care of Daniel. I mean, I keep track of both my lessons and his, if he makes it to the Quidditch team, it'll probably be me that will have to remind him of his Quidditch practice." you say. "Oh. Maybe you should tell Wood about that. I mean, that Daniel tend to need your help on keeping track of the practice..." Ron said thoughtfully. "Nah, I don't think I'll need to do that. I'm sure Daniel will manage to do this on his own." you say, smiling. Just then Snape walks in, and the lesson begins.(Sorry for this long paragraph already in the beginning, I got carried away...)
  2. After the lesson was FINALLY over, you had free period. You were going to the library to study about some things you had in transfiguration, and you met Fred and George on the way. "Where do you think you're going, Grace?" asked George. "Yeah, we were just looking for you. We wanted you to test one of our newest inventions" said Fred. "What? I'm not testing Puking Pills or something like that. Go find someone else, then." you say. "Oh no. You come with us." said the twins in unison, smiling, and dragging you with them. "Hey! I need to study!" you try, but they ignore you. They just continue dragging you along. Finally, you stopped by the Covered Bridge. Fred looked around. "Good, almost no one here." he said. "What do you guys want?" you ask. "We already told you. We need you to test something. Don't worry, it's nothing that will make you sickor something" George said.
  3. The twins looked around one more time, then Fred pulled out a hat from underneath his robe. "Here, put it on." said Fred, giving you the hat. You did as he said. "It works!" yelled George. "What? What happened?" you ask. "Wow! It's almost a little scary!" said Fred. "Here, take this, and look at your reflection." said George, giving you mirror. You grabbed the mirror, and gasped. "Where's my head?!" you shouted. "Calm down, it's invisible! We call it the 'Headless Hat'!" said Fred. "Do you like it?" asked George. "Y-Yeah! It's really cool! You'll definitely need to make one for me!" you said, taking the hat from your head. Your head turned visible again. The twins sighed in relief. "What?" you ask, confused. "It was a small chance your head wouldn't turn visible again. You'd have to wait for... Uhm, three hours, Fred?" replied George. "Yeah, three hours. But it's visible again, so don't worry about it. We're glad you liked it!" answered Fred. "You should hurry now and study, Grace! Don't worry, we will give you a hat like this!" said George. "Bye!" called Fred. They pulled you up from the chair you sat in, and walked away.
  4. You shrugged, and walked to your next lesson. It was Herbology. "Hi Grace" you heard someone call. "Oh, hi Neville!" you say, smiling. "You have Herbology too, haven't you?" he asked. "Yeah. Unfortunately." you say, sighing. "What? Why?" he asked, and you noticed his voice had slightly changed tone. It sounded almost a little... Annoyed? Irritated? Or was it even anger? "Don't worry, it's not that I don't like Herbology. It's just... You'll see later." you say, as Professor Sprout walked in. The following lesson was... Well, it was horrible. For you, at least. It just didn't seem to get in your head, all those plant-names and how you were supposed to take care of them. You looked helplessly at Neville, and he seemed to understand everything. He glanced at you, and understanding filled his eyes. "So this is why you wish you didn't have Herbology." he said after the lesson was finally over. "Yes. I honestly SUCK at Herbology. I simply don't understand anything, unlike you. Maybe I should call you Hermione, or something, because you are really good at this..." you reply. He laughed. "No, actually, this is the only class that I seem to be really good at. Seriously." he said. "Still. I guess I need extra-lessons or something..." you say, sighing in frustration. "Hey, I can help you! I mean, if you want" he said, blushing lightly. You smile. "Thanks, Neville! I would really apreciate it!" you exclaim, hugging him. "N-No problems... W-We can decide something later, okay?" he asked, blushing really hard.
  5. "Uhm, what have we now?" Neville asked, nervously and still blushing. "Care of Magical Creatures. I have to get my books, bye!" you say, waving and then you turn around and walk away. "What a romantic scene. You two are perfect for each other" you heard a girl's voice say. "We're just friends, Parkinson. It's none of your business. Can't you just leave me alone?" you ask, not turning around. "Of COURSE you are... Have you two kissed, yet?" Pansy said, mockingly. You turned around. "You know nothing about me. Just shut up, and get out of my sight!" you say, coolly. "And what if I don't want to?" she asked, smirking. "You better do, or maybe I'll call Daniel here so he can take you out again." you say, also smirking. Pansy's face turned red with anger. She turned around, and walked away with stomping feet.
  6. "Nice one, Grace! But now she wants to kill you too" you heard Daniel say. You turned around, to face him. "So? As you said, she's not going to succeed." you say, smirking. "Yeah, it would be a pity if she did. Who would help me keep track of all my lessons? Who would flirt with the Quidditch captain so I'd make it to the team?" he asked, jokingly. You hit him playfully. "I do NOT flirt with Oliver! We are just friends, and you know it. Besides, is it just for THAT you'd miss me? Thank you, what a great big brother you are..." you say sarcastically. "Ah, I know you don't. Well, not on purpose, at least." he say's, now serious. "I do not! We are just FRIENDS" you say. "Well, maybe to you, but can't you see that guy is crazy about you? And not only him, I must say..." he said, thoughtfully. You ignored him. "Go now, I have Care of Magical Creatures, and you have Transfiguration. Bye" you say, turning around. You get your book, and then got to Hagrid's lesson. You get there just in time. "Today, we're going to learn about hippogriffs! They are very proud creatures, so you do NOT want to insult one! It may be the last thing you do! This one's name is Buckbeak" Hagrid said. You looked at Buckbeak. You found the hippogriff extremely beautiful(Maybe he isn't, but I think so! Now keep on reading!). "Now, who wants to pat him?" asked Hagrid. You took a step forward, without thinking. "Ah, Grace- I mean, Ms. Lopez! Come, then! Careful, not so fast" Hagrid said. You approached slowly. "Now, stop! Bow at him, and wait until he also do." said Hagrid. You did as he told you. You waited, and then Buckbeak bowed. "Now, come! Don't be afraid, but come really slowly. Now, pat him!" Hagrid whispered. You raised slowly your hand, but you hesitated. Your hand was inches from Buckbeak's head, and when you did nothing, the hippogriff leaned forward. Your hand touched his head, and he seemed to... Like it?
  7. You gained courage enough, and stepped closer. You stroked your hand against the hippogriff's head. "Well done, Ms. Lopez! I think he'll let you fly him, now!" Hagrid called out. "W-What? May I?" you asked. "Yes!" Hagrid said, lifting you up to Buckbeak's back. Hagrid threw some small, dead animal to Buckbeak, and the hippogriff ate it. Then it flew towards the sky, with you on his back. You screamed in excitement. When you were above the Black Lake, Buckbeak dived, and only stopped when your were inches above the surface. You laughed, it was the best feeling you'd ever felt! It was simply fantastic! The hippogriff then changed direction, and flew towards the Quidditch pitch. You saw that some students were practicing, as you were above it. You saw Oliver the same time as he saw you. You waved at him, still laughing. His eyes widened, and then he smiled and waved too. Buckbeak started flying back to where Hagrid and the other students were. You had been flying on Buckbeak for three incredible minutes!
  8. When you got down from Buckbeak's back, you almost couldn't stand on your own feet. Hagrid supported you, and led you to the other students. "How was it?!" Hermione asked. "It... It was... It was the best feeling I'd ever had! It was completely... Wow, there isn't words that can describe it!" you said. "It's just a big, stupid, ugly chicken! How good can it be?!" hissed Draco, and went up to Buckbeak. "Draco, don't!" you called, grabbing his arm. He glanced at you, but didn't say anything. "Malfo- Mr. Malfoy, step back!" ordered Hagrid. Draco glared at Hagrid, and only then he pulled his arm away from your grip. He continued to Buckbeak. The hippogriff did a horrible sound, and attacked. "ARGH!" yelled Draco, falling to the ground. He was holding his right arm. The same one you had grabbed.
  9. "Class dismissed!" called Hagrid, throwing the rest of the small dead animals. He picked up Draco from the ground. "Go back to the school, I'll escort Mr. Malfoy to the hospital wing!" said Hagrid. "Hagrid? May I come with you?" you asked. "Yes, sure." he answered. Right then, you three saw some students fighting/dueling. "Ah, I need to stop that! Grace, can you take Malfoy to the hospital wing?" Hagrid asked, and, not waiting for your answer, he put Draco on the ground and ran to the dueling students. You put your arm around Draco's waist, supporting him. "Why didn't you listen to me? This wouldn't have happened, then." you said, sighing. Draco didn't answer. "Stupid chicken. My father will hear about this..." Draco muttered. "Uhm, Draco?" you ask cautiously. "Hm?" he mumbled. "Why do you always say that? I mean, when something you don't like happen, you always say: 'My father will hear about this'... I know your father is Lucius Malfoy, and that he works on the Ministry of Magic and all... But why?" you ask. "My father is a very powerful man. It's sort of useful, especially when you want to frighten someone. Why do you care?" he replied.
  10. "Because it makes you look like a spoiled boy, and I really don't think you are one. Why act like one?" you say. "I-I don't really know..." he answered, after a while. "And one more thing. Why do you bully people, and are mean? You're clearly not really like that, because you're not being mean now." you say. "I guess it's because of my father. I've always been a disappointment to him. He says that I should treat others like they should be treated like. Blood-traitors, mud- I mean muggleborns, and - Wait, why am I telling you this? I've not even told Crabbe or Goyle!" he exclaimed. "Because I asked. Have any of them asked you this before? No? I thought so. They are afraid of you, but I? Not really... I only see you as Draco, the Slytherin boy who was raised by his father in a very wrong way." you reply. Draco had no answer to this. "Then I guess you are the only one." he whispered after a few minutes. "How can you be so kind to someone who is so mean?" he asked, still whispering. "What do you mean? Draco, I'm trying to help you! And I don't believe you're truly mean. You are like that to try to impress your father. Why do you care about what ONE person says, and not about what everyone else says? Think about it. Please." you beg. You arrive at the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey rushes to you. "What happened?! What's with that arm?" she asked. "A hippogriff attacked him. I'm leaving you now, okay Draco? I hope your arm heals soon." you say, smiling sweetly at him. Draco blushed lightly. "T-Thanks, Grace" he mumbled. You smiled one more time, noticing it was the first time he called you by your first name. Then you leaved the hospital wing, glancing one last time at Draco.
  11. Okay, I think that's it :) Sorry to the Oliver-fans and Harry-fans, they almost didn't appear in this part, but I promise I'll try to make so they have extra time with you in the next one, okay? Bye! :)

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