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  • Great start. I love it! If you keep on making quizzes like this I'll be pleased. You've managed to make a very good original quiz with an acceptional amount of detail. I know the feeling with long paragraphs and sometimes it is very hard to stop when you have so many great ideas. Thank you for this fantastic start and I'll be looking forward to the next one.

  • I absolutely loved it! Now I need to start looking for the next one. Please keep on writing! If not for me, for the sake of all the people who don't know what they're missing! (I think that that's good. If it isn't you can ignore it/replace it with a compliment. Don't take it personally if it's an insult, I'm just not very good with compliments as a general rule.)

  • @tazemaster Really? I read story-quizzes because of the STORY, not because I want to get the boy I want(well, that too, but just a little bit)... I'd apreciate if you'd actually READ the paragraphs too, and not just click in the answers...

    @natuhl eegayle Thanks :D The last paragraph was long because I had something in mind, but I needed to do something that would lead to it, so it would make sense. In the end, it was a "too long" paragraph...

    @Blue bird Thank you :D I'll do my best on getting the next one out soon, I'll start right now :)

  • Once again, great job on your Harry Potter publication.

    It was an interesting start, the last paragraph was pretty wordy but I'm used to it & it was actually very interesting ~ Since it's the beginning, I don't have much to say but with that in mind, I'll be looking forward to your next edition ! x

  • The thing about these quizzes is that you basically have to have in mind who you want and just click that character's option throughout the quiz. I just stopped reading the paragraphs and clicked on the answer that seemed most like me.

  • wow that was really good i hope your next one is exteremly soon!


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