Wasn't Magic Supposed To Make Life Easier? Part 1

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Okay, first of all: THIS IS A HOGWARTS LOVE STORY!!!!!!!! I DIDN'T PUT IT IN THE NAME OF THE QUIZ BECAUSE IT WAS TOO LONG! I mean, I wanted to have it this way: "Wasn't Magic Supposed To Make Life Easier? (A Hogwarts Love Story) Part 1", but it was too long...

Well, now, keep on reading! You'll get a description of yourself when you start reading, okay? Now, go and take this quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: AiFiahK3mE
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  1. Okay, before we start with the story(and also before I forget to tell you) I will describe you. Your name is Grace Lopez, and your twin brother's name is Daniel Lopez. You two come from Brazil, but you're in Hogwarts because your mother is english. You have long, black hair that goes down to your waist, and very light grey eyes. Daniel has short blonde hair, and brown eyes. You got the black hair from your brazilian father and the grey eyes from your english mother, and Daniel got the blonde hair from your mother and the brown eyes from your father. I know, twins use to look very much alike, but this is different. You've grown up in England, but can talk both portuguese and english. This is your third year in Hogwarts, because year 1 and 2 are too young to date.
  2. "Hey, Daniel, c'mon, we'll miss the train!" you shout to your brother. "Fine, I'm coming! Jeez, do you have to scream like that? I'm not deaf, you know." he answered. "You won't make it to the Gryffindor Quidditch team if you're always late." you snap. He sighs in defeat. "Argh, I don't need you telling me that AGAIN.""Whatever, let's just hurry up!" you said.
  3. You and Daniel enter the train, and start to look for an empty compartment. There was six options. You could sit with that blonde Slytherin boy, Draco Malfoy, with the famous Harry Potter and his friend Ron Weasley, with the prankster twins, Fred and George Weasley, with Neville Longbottom, that kind and quiet boy from Gryffindor, and the Gryffindor Quidditch Team Captain, Oliver Wood. Daniel went to Oliver, because he wanted to talk about Quidditch-things with him. Who do you sit with?
  4. You end up sitting with Neville, because your best friend Luna was also there, and the other compartments ended up full. Seamus Finnigan was there too. "Hey, do you mind if I sit here? The other compartments are full..." you say. "Oh no, sit there if you want. We don't mind." said Neville and smiled. "Thanks" you say and also smile. Neville blushed lightly, and looked away. "Hi Grace. How was your summer?" Luna asked in that dreamy voice of hers. "Hi Luna, it was great. What about you?" you reply. "Good... My dad and I picked a lot of dirigible plum, and I've made earrings of some. I'll show you them later." she answered. You smiled again. This is why you like Luna. She isn't afraid of wearing what she wants, and doesn't care if other people thinks she's weird. "Why isn't Daniel with you?" asked Seamus. "He wanted to sit with Oliver Wood. Quidditch things. Daniel has decided that he WILL make it to the Gryffindor Quidditch team this year. Why is he so obsessed with it, I don't know." you shrugged. "I think he has a good chance of entering. He has talent, and Wood knows it." Seamus said. "Yeah, and besides, it's Oliver's last year. He's determined that Gryffindor will win the Quidditch Cup this year." you say, and remember when Oliver told you this. "Hey, Grace, we should change into robes now. We'll soon arrive." said Luna. You stood up, and followed her out of the compartment.
  5. You were distracted, and then you heard a thud. You looked at where you heard the sound, and saw Luna on the floor, with Draco Malfoy standing in front of her. "Watch out, Loony!" he snapped. "Hey, it was an accident. Leave her alone." you say. Draco looked at you. Before he could say something, a hand touched your shoulder, and the person said: "You'd better not be bothering Grace nor Luna". Someone was helping Luna, meanwhile. "What's it to you, Weasleys? Got enough of playing pranks, and are now trying to act like heroes?" Draco said, glaring at the person holding your shoulder. It turned out to be Fred Weasley, and George helping Luna get up from the floor. "Just leave them alone, Malfoy." said George. Draco shrugged, looked one last time at you, and walked away. "Thanks Fred, thanks George, but we didn't really need your help..." you said. "It doesn't matter. You didn't think we'd let anyone bully you, did you?" said George. "Besides, we need you to trust us completely before we can prank you" said Fred, and winked playfully. You laughed. "Ah, I guess so. But maybe you shouldn't have said that, because now I know that I must not trust you." you say and smile. "Argh, now we have to use Obliviate on you, so you forget we just said that! You shouldn't have told her that, Fred." George said jokingly. You screamed in a laughing way, grabbed Luna's hand and ran away from them. You could hear the twins laughing in the distance.
  6. You and Luna changed into your robes, just before the train stopped. You two got out of the train, and headed to the Great Hall. She went to her table in Ravenclaw, and you went to sit with Harry and Ron in the Gryffindor table. "Have you heard that Sirius Black has gotten out from Azkaban?" you heard Ron ask Harry. "Yeah, your dad told me. He said -" Harry stopped when he saw you. "Hey Grace! How has your summer been?" he asked. "Great, what about yours?" you reply. "He made his aunt fly!" Ron blurted out. Harry elbowed him. You smiled. "Seriously? What did she do to you?" you asked, curious. "She insulted my parents." Harry answered gloomy. Your smile disappeared. "Oh. Don't worry, Harry, I'd probably do the same thing. Maybe worse." you said, touching his hand reassuring. Ron's ears turned pink, and Harry blushed. "And you, Ron? What have you done this summer?" you ask. "Uhm, me and my family went to Egypt." Ron replied. "You did? That's so cool! I've always wanted to go there!" you smile. Just then, Dumbledore started his speech, and told everyone about the Dementors. After the feast, you headed to your common room. In the way, you met Oliver.
  7. "Hey Grace!" he calls happily. "Hi Oliver" you smile sweetly. He blushed lightly. Wow, what was it with all this guys blushing as soon as you do something? "Do you think Daniel has a good chance of entering the Quidditch team this year?" you ask. Oliver's face lit up as soon as you mentioned Quidditch. "Yeah, he's really good! He's much better then last year! But why are you asking me that?" he asked. "Uhm, let me think... Maybe because you're the captain? Don't play dumb, you're much more smarter than that and you know it." you smile again. "Ah, right. I forgot for a moment there." he says, also smiling. "Like you'd ever forget something like that. You live for Quidditch, don't you? I'm sure Gryffindor will win this year, if you're so decided about it. I know you'll be able to choose the best, and only the best players this year." you say, reassuring. He blushed once again. "Well, no. I mean, I don't live for Quidditch. There are things much more important than that. And that is really something, coming from me." he winks playfully. "Ah, it sure does. Say that to someone else, and their jaws will probably fall on the floor, so surprised they will be." you say. "And what about you, Grace? Why don't you try out? Daniel told me you're a good flyer. He said madam Hooch was pretty impressed in your first year." Oliver said, bumping your shoulder lightly. "Ah, no. Maybe I'm a good flyer, but I'm very afraid of flying balls. I remember the first match against Slytherin, in my first year. That Marcus Flint sent you the... Bludger, wasn't it? And you fell off your broom..." you said, remembering. "Ah, I was hoping that no one saw that... It was a little embarassing." he said, blushing as he also remebered. "Don't feel like that. Most of the Gryffindors were worried about you. Only the Slytherins seemed to enjoy that." you said reassuringly, as you touched his shoulder. "Was YOU worried?" he asked, grinning. "Ah, yeah, I almost panicked." you say sarcastically. He raised one eyebrow. "Okay, I almost visited you in the hospital wing. You fell from a high height" you said truthfully. Oliver smiled. "That felt good to hear. It is a pity that you're afraid of balls. I'd like the fact you'd be there in Quidditch practice..." as soon as he said that, he blushed reall hard. "Uh, I need to go now." he said, and rushed in to the common room. You heard him mutter to himself as he entered: "Why did I say that? She wasn't supposed to hear that!". You shrugged, and went to the girl's dormitory.
  8. You had a peaceful night's sleep. The next day, your first class was Defence Against The Dark Arts, with Professor Lupin. This class was about Boggarts, and you watch Neville make Snape wear Neville's Grandma's clothes, Ron make a giant spider(EW EW EW!)go rollerblading(or lose it's legs, I don't really remember), Padma Patil transform a giant snake into a jack-in-the-box, and now it's your turn. The boggart slowly turns into a little, extremely cute doll(so cute that it is a little scary, you know?). "What? Lopez is afraid of dolls? That's so -" you hear Pansy Parkinson say, but she stopped as she saw that the doll's eyes were turning red, and started to glow. The doll slowly stood up, and her hand got a knife God knows from where. She started to walk, slowly, towards you. "RIDDIKULUS!" you shout, pointing your wand at the doll. The doll immediately turned into a puppet, dancing in a very strange, funny way. Laughter filled the room. Even Lupin managed to laugh a little. Next was Harry's turn. As he stepped forward to meet the Boggart, it turned into a Dementor. The Boggart/Dementor approached Harry, but Harry didn't seem to be able to do anything. "Harry!" shouted Lupin, as he throwed himself in front of Harry. The Boggart turned into a full moon. "RIDDIKULUS!" yelled Lupin. The Boggart became a cockroach, and flew back into the wardrobe. "Class Dismissed" said Lupin, coolly.
  9. You leave the classroom, along with the rest of the students. "Hey, Lopez!" you hear someone call. You recognize the voice as Pansy Parkinson. "What do you want, Parkinson?" you ask, turning around. "So the beautiful, intelligent, brave and amazing Grace Lopez is afraid of dolls, huh?" she asks, in an annoying voice on purpose(even more annoying than it already is). "It's none of your business. Leave me alone. And what did you say I was? Who told you I was all that?" you reply. She smirked. "I guess it's none of YOUR business. But being afraid of dolls. What a joke. If you'd been less weaker, you'd probably be in Slytherin right now, and not in Gryffindor, with all those mudbloods and blood-traitors. Like Granger and the Weasels." she said. "Shut up! Look, you can insult me as much as you wish, but keep my friends out of this. Now, if you excuse me, I have better things to do rather than talk to you, Parkinson." you snap. "Oooh, what will you do if I insult your friends? I'm so scared!" she said, in an irritating tone. "What do you think you're doing, Parkinson? Leave my sister alone." you hear Daniel say. "C'mon, Grace, don't waste your breath talking with that spoiled Slytherin girl. She's not worth it" he said, and drags you away from Pansy. You glanced at her, and saw that her face had turned red with anger. "Oh yeah, Lopez?! Just wait! You'd better watch your back!" she called. As soon as you and Daniel couldn't hear her anymore, both of you burst out laughing. "Did you see her face? She wants to kill you, now!" you said. "I know! Unfortunately for her, she won't succeed" Daniel said, smirking. "What's so funny? Probably laughing at something without any importance. Like those pathetic pranks the Weasleys use to pull." you hear someone say, coldly. "Well, Malfoy, we are actually laughing at your girlfriend's face. Parkinson looked like she couldn't believe someone had 'courage' enough to stand up against her like that" Daniel snapped. Draco glared at him, and then looked at you. "Depending on what, maybe I should have been there. I could have helped her. If she lost to you, I definitely need to teach her one thing and another." he said. "Can I talk with you for a second?" Draco asked. Not waiting for your answer, he pulled you by your arm, carefully so he wouldn't hurt you. As soon as you were far enough from Daniel he asked: "You're still friend with the Weasleys? When will you realise you only ruin your reputation more while hanging out with those blood-traitors, and with that mudblood Granger?""Why do YOU care? Besides, it's not like just hanging out with 'blood-traitors', as you call them, makes me also a blood-traitor" you snapped. "What if it does?" he snapped back. "Oh yeah? And what about the people who hang out with those who hang out with blood-traitors? Are they blood-traitors too, then?" you ask. "Maybe they are. Why are you asking me that?!" he replied. You smirk. "What are you grinning at?!" he hissed. "I'm asking you this, because..." you say, and lean close to his ear. "You just called yourself a blood-traitor. Think about it. Isn't this prejudice? Just because some people's parent's are muggles, doesn't mean others are better than them. Neither are pure-bloods who are friends with those people blood-traitors." you whisper in his ear. "I did NOT call myself a blood-traitor!" he hissed/whispered in your ear. "Yes, you did. Weren't we sort of hanging out right now?" you ask, stepping back and turning around. "Maybe you should think about it for a while. When you've decided if you still think there are mudbloods and blood-traitors or not, tell me. I'll be waiting for your answer, Draco." you calledturning your head at his direction, winking, and then walking away from him. "What wanted he talk with you about?!" asked Daniel. "I'll tell you later. Right now, I'm pretty sure I've given him something to think very carefully about."
  10. Okay, I think I'm done. What did you think? Leave it in the comments! And sorry for that long paragraph above this one, I just got carried away... Sorry. Well, I'm hoping that I'll get many comments, otherwise I probably won't make the next one. Bye :)

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