warrior cats rp quiz 1

this quiz will tell your life story as warrior you will start out as a kit but don't worry I might do some time skips so it wont take 6 moons for you to become an apprentice.

I am new at this and this is my first quiz so I don't blame you if you think its terrible . your name, looks and clan is up to you if you see this --kit -- is the first part of your name , when ur an apprentice it will be --paw when u become a warrior it will be ---- got it?

Created by: frozenleaf2000

  1. The queen said: hi --kit i am you mother, roseheart and these are your brother and sister. why dont you 3 go out and play a little.
  2. as soon as you are outside you bump into a tom...
  3. 1.he says "I don't bite" 2+3. he tries not to claw your ears off 4. he says " its ok"
  4. he says "hi come on I will show you around camp" first he takes you to meet frozenlily the medicine cat
  5. you come into a den that smells of herbs (what do you think)
  6. frozenlily tells you that the herb is borage and its used to help nursing queens with their milk
  7. Blackpaw takes you and your brother and sister back to the nursery
  8. Rpseheart "how was it little kit?"
  9. Roseheart" why dont you go to sleep?"
  10. (in your dream) you were pouncing on a butterfly when suddenly a strange cat apears out of nowere she says"hi --kit i am lightstar leader before moonstar and i have a prophecy for you it is: the shadow has come but the fullmoon shines bright and drives the shadow away, now sleep well --kit." then she disapears

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