Warrior Cats,Into the Wild quiz

It's the moment of truth. It is time to see if you will survive my quiz and find out what it means to be a true warrior cats freak.Enjoy my friends,"Into the Wild!"

Are you Warrior cat freak,pysco or even hater?(grr) Now you can find out with my completely accurate,totally epic quiz. Who knows,you may be as much a Warrior Cat's freak like I am.

Created by: eilloh
  1. Who were the grey cat and the tortioseshell on the cover?
  2. Who is with Bluestar when she finds Rusty?
  3. Who attacks Rusty at Thunderclan camp and what does he receive as a momento?
  4. Name the Firepaw dream team and their mentors.
  5. Who does Firepaw find while hunting and what does he do to that cat?
  6. Who goes with Bluestar on her way to Mothermouth?
  7. What happens when Bluestar and company leave Mothermouth and head home?
  8. When Bluestar and company return who is found dead and is killed by who?Also what was stolen?
  9. Why does Ravenpaw leave Thunderclan and go to live with Barley? (Bonus:What does Ravenpaw catch during his hunting assesment?)
  10. Who are the stolen kits?

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