how well do you know warrior cats book 1

I want to know how much YOU know about warrior cats into the wild book one in the original series, I hope you will enjoy this quiz it took me some hard remembering to do this!

I finished the whole series so i couldn't remember alot so i only out ten questions so it can be easier for me and probly you too so please enjoy this!

Created by: Jordan
  1. How does Rusty get into thunder clan
  2. how did redtail die?
  3. whats rustys apprentice name?
  4. who was firepaws mentor?
  5. whats firepaaws punishment for breaking the warrior code?
  6. who does firepaw share a den with
  7. who dies in the book
  8. who does thunderclan assume took the kits?
  9. what does firepaw and graystripe do for ravenpaw
  10. whats firepaw and graystripes warrior names

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Quiz topic: How well do I know warrior cats book 1