How well do you know Warrior cats

There many peaple who have read warrior cats. What is Warrior cat you say.Well it's a book about cats.You can find the book at Tea Tree Plaza in QBD The Bookshop.

Have you reead Warrior cats. If yes well then take this quiz.To see how much you know of season three.By the way I think you should read season three first to get a good score.

Created by: Wyker

  1. How did Hawkfrost die
  2. Who is Shadowclan's deputy
  3. Is Jaypaw blind if yes how?
  4. Who is Lionpaw's mother and father
  5. Jaypaw became a
  6. Who clan is Mosspelt in
  7. Who's Thunderclan's leader in season 3?
  8. Who's Ashfur's apprentice [season 3]
  9. Icekit and Foxkit's mother is
  10. Who was the medicine cat before Leefpool?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Warrior cats