Warrior Cat Love Story (rolplay)

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Play some rolplay and find your mate and kits! There is all kinds of them....

......................warrior cats....mates........kits.......... Bab. B. B

Created by: Berryheart
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  1. The deputy, Eaglefeather, comes up to you and says you can chose if you want to go on a hunting patrol, ooor a border patrol. Which do you chose?
  2. What ever you chose, you go to a border patrol with your brother, Duskclaw. Your two friends, Willowfoot and Fawntail, on on it along with your brother's mate, Silverheart. When you go, you run into a (clan name) patrol. "This means war!" Willowfoot hisses. Then, a dark gray tabby she-cat tumbles at you and claws you nose. What do you do?
  3. Whatever you do, the she-cat whips around and you brother pushes her into the small pond next to you. "Thanks!" You meowed quickly as a light brown tabby tom lounges at you. "RETREAT!" The leader of the patrol calls.
  4. As you pad back to camp, you meow to your brother, "Do you know any of those cats?" He shakes his head. "No - but I think Snowstar does. She knows every cat!" Purring at his own joke, you think:
  5. You reach the camp. Willowfoot's apprentice, Poppypaw, comes up to you. "I heard there was a battle! What happened?"
  6. After Poppypaw goes away, your leader comes up to you. "Get some rest," she meows, "you have earned it."
  7. After you get a well-earned rest, you get up and go to the clearing. A kit named Dustkit mews, "I want to be YOUR apprentice one day! Your so cool!"
  8. Then Dustkit's mother calls to him. He mews to you and races off. Then Fawntail's sister, Sandshade, pads up to you. "Know where Reedpaw is?"
  9. Sandshade shrugs and walks off.
  10. Quick question, do you like dish quiz?
  11. Okay! Last question! Do you want a mate?

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