Want to know if your magic?

Feel like you don't belong? See things you shouldn't? Maybe your a magical person! What is a magical person? Maybe You!! People have different pionts of views of what they are. Some are dangerous, some are nice.

Think your magic? Want to make sure your not, so you have no dRaMa to worry about? Want to be certain you know who you are. This is no joke take this quiz and FIND out!!!

Created by: Jaimy
  1. Do you daydream?
  2. Do you draw random things whenever?
  3. When something happens i think i'm the cause. (this question means magically, not pushing your sister in the pool) True or false
  4. When you dream something one night, does it come true hours, days, weeks, months, mayb YEARS later and you still remember them?
  5. do you see figures that aren't there, or shapes?
  6. When your alone do you sense a presence or energies?
  7. do you see colors around people like an aura?
  8. you change your mind a lot
  9. You have a passed down family antique
  10. you see shapes in people's palm
  11. you feel different

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Quiz topic: Want to know if my magic?