vampire survival test prt 1

to survive this you must be quick cunning brave tough and also not be stupid or be just plain boring not to easy to achieve is itthese are some tough questions and some tough answers enjoy.

do you want it do you need do you have it i thought so and because i am smarter then you i would say good luck you will need it 10 times more then me.

Created by: ryan

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  1. If a ton of vampires make a class 1 invasion would you?
  2. you have a choice of a gun would you choose?
  3. 10 minutes till dark you have 5 people at you house what do you do?
  4. you survived the night you find 10 more people what should you do?
  5. the invasion just hit class 2 you and your people are scared what to do?
  6. a vampire gets in you kill it but you lose a person and he is bleeding?
  7. 2 vampires come what do you do?
  8. you got them and get a special plan?
  9. the gun is halfway done 2 people have been killed not you a class 3 vampire invasion has just came up what do you do?
  10. the house is in danger vampires are every where time is running out?

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