Test Your Vampire Knowledge!

We made this quiz for those of you who are interested in learning and knowing the different aspects and qualities of vampires. The website we gave you was for you to be able to read and grasp what a vampire entails, and then quiz yourself on whether or not you were paying attention to our information!

Are YOU a vampire genius? Do you have the skills and ability to gain such a prestigious title? Until now you can only wonder this, but thanks to our quiz on the aspects of vampirism, you can find out in just a few minutes!

Created by: Shawn and Lauren

  1. What is a famous vampire icon for children?
  2. What is the name of the most iconic vampire in history?
  3. In what year was Coppola's novel "Dracula" written?
  4. All of the following are ways to defend yourself against vampires EXCEPT:
  5. What animal do female vampires typically turn into?
  6. What is the name of the main character that Carmilla befriends in LeFanu's novel "Carmilla"?
  7. Which of the following activities are vampires prohibited from doing?
  8. In Bram Stoker's "Dracula", where is Dracula when he becomes a vampire?
  9. Which of the following statements is FALSE?
  10. TRUE or FALSE: Vampires refuse to attack children.

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