The Z-Day Survival Quiz Part 1

Perhaps because they were easier to control and kill, zombies never acquired the cachet of their undead cousins, the vampires. This phenomenon extended to science: zombie research was considered a less glamorous field and consistently lagged behind vampire research in funding. Since development of the vaccine in 1911, the zombie threat has been greatly reduced. However, this should not make us complacent. Most experts believe that in today's world, a zombie outbreak is far more likely than a vampire outbreak.

Because of their catatonic state, zombies have been unable to offer any personal testimony to augment scientific research. Therefore, all we know about zombies is based upon empirical evidence. A person infected with the zombie virus is transformed into a single-minded hunting machine.Good luck in part 2

Created by: Ace

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  1. The Day You Wake Up the news Says of a Zombie virus you do?
  2. ok you stay at yo house for a bit but Zombies get in you must hike threw the mountens to a friends house what weapons and suplys do you take
  3. you make it the only survivers at the house are your three best friends and you G-Friend and theres to you do?
  4. ok you listen to a radio a vocie explains survivers and a chance to make a coloney you do?
  5. ok you go and find them in a city fighting Zombies off You?
  6. you WIN the battle and form a coloney how do you run it?
  7. a extreme outbreak army of undead is coming at your colony you do?
  8. they take em down but you lose 3 men old good friends you do?
  9. your wife it gone prego wit yo baby Zombie Are comeing foe her you do?
  10. end of part 1 did yo like it(no effect)

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