Vampire Desire part 6 =)

Hello VD fans, the long awaited part six is here, please go search for part five because it didn't show in the newest quizzes. So sundaisy was the winner of my competion and this is the last time I put in people my quiz.

Okay in this part there are many twists and some dieng and lots of kissing *bet you are getting hyped-up by this* so good luck, have fun and enjoy and I must say there are very few spelling and grammer mistakes so sweeties to me!

Created by: glitter

  1. who caught you eye?
  2. You walk out and see a boy!
  3. This boy is a tan, brown hair with blonde highlight and...wierd eyes, they are multi-colored, there is a little bit of green, a tinge of blue, some brown, minute grey and a wee bit of purple. The boy is a muscular boy. HE ISN'T WEARING A SHIRT, He is omly wearing a pair of white skiny-jeans and kicks. (His hair is in a bieber cut). He has two swords in his hand and you realise immediatly that he is a were-wolf!
  4. He has two metal swords in his hands *that was the sound of metal against metal* the handle has something embroided on it, but before you can study it the boy finally speaks. "Hello Jecrina." he has a soft, bad-boy voice, you sort of admire him and his rock-hard abbs. "Who are you?" you say still breath taken. "Well I'm you handsome future husband of course." he replies cleaning one of his swords, not looking you in the eye. "You are Veronica's son?" you say hating this guy immediatly hating this guy, no matter how sexy he was.
  5. "Yes, you are finally catching on, the name's Andrew" he says, you can see that he is clearly exited to see, you can see the aching love in his eyes, but all he does is hide it with a massive smirk on his face. You glare at him. Then people block your view of the breath-taking Werewolf. You realise that its the guys.
  6. You realise it was the guys. You hug them all and leave Tresten for last, you don't hug him immediatly, you dont know how to react. He pulls you by the wrist and picks you up and runs. You feel the familiar sensation, the cold wind in your face, your long blonde hair flowing all over the place and the queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. You get to your destination, you see that you are a little bit further than the edge. After you've had enough of looking around, you look up into Tresten's eyes, his beautiful sapphire blue eyes. You felt the adrenaline rushing through you, no it wasn't adrenaline, it was a strong desire for the love of a vampire, it was a VAMPIRE DESIRE. You made Tresten lower his head, you lips were just an inch away, finally your lips met his ice-cold lips.
  7. You were deep in the kiss. You placed his hands on your bum. You undid his black leather belt and unzipped his jeans. He pulled away and held both you hands, you were a bit bummed by this because a part of you wanted to feel what it was like to have sexual intercause with a vampire. "Jecrina, stop, I haven't fed and I might..." he says but trails off. "I'm sorry." you say, you voice is nothing but a wisper. You remeber what he had done to you suddenly, those red eyes, that monterous face..., it was all coming back to you, you were suddenly afraid of him, you couldn't believe you were about to go all the wau with him. You ran, and ran and ran. *This is stupid becuase you can't out run a vampire)
  8. You are tired of running and you plonk yourself under a big tree. You sit there and cry for a while. You calm down. "You done?" you hear a voiced as you jump from fright. You look behind you find Tresten, you back away feeling terrified, you were afraid that he might become mad. "Jec...come on dont be like that, fine if you want to do it with me then fine...fine, but please remeber, you are putting your life in danger." He says with his arms spread out in sort of an 'I'm free' kind of way. "NO!" You yell. Then he catches on with what you mean. "Jec, I won't hurt you!" he says with a 'don't do anything stupid ' look on his flawless face. "Well you didn't have a problem with it the first time!" you spitt out and throw a dagger at him, you know he could easily catch is in mid-air or dodge it but he just lets it hit him, right in the heart.
  9. At first you feel nothing, then nothing turns into shocked then shocked turns into sadness then sadness turns into depression. You run over to Tresten's life-less body. You shake him, "Wake up Tresten, this isn't a joke, please!" you shout in tears. You scream. The guys seem to have heard you because they are all here in a flash, excluding andrew. "What happened?!" Drake half screams, half asks, he looks concerned. You suddenly remember that you killed Tresten, you remember that you threw the dagger into his...heart.
  10. Your tears flood even more. "I did it, I killed him, it" you say between hiccups and tears, you are scared to look up tou the guys. Nobody says anything. Then you get a funny feeling, its incomprehensible, it's like a heavy feeling in your chest. You look up and see the guys just staring at you in amazement. You burst ou laughing.
  11. "How could you laugh?" Damon says looking amazed. "I don't know, I cant stop, help me!" you say between laughter. "Wait, you cant stop?...something isn't right here." says chris in a suspicious kind of way. You heare a voice, its a fairy-like voice. You notice an orange flower, it was the only flower in the forest. You decided to listen to what it was saying, the guys didn't seen to hear it. You listened and heard 'Take me, I am sun daisy. Everything I heal, in a way you cant feel, so take me Jecrina heal your friend, but dont tell the others, you'll make me a trend, just one drop of me there you friend will be, then leave me here and I will grow into fur.' It said over and over again.
  12. C-L-I-F-F-H-A-N-G-E-R! Please comment and rate look out for part 7 coming soon, love you all and good luck with your lives

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