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  • Danni? Hmmm. Is IT a guy? Or a girl because I know a few girls named danni! I'm soooo confuzzled right now!! U need 2 tell meh rite now!

  • oh, poop!!!! i just realized i should have taken this before i'd taken the unforgotten series!!! *sigh* i'm going to pretend i know nothing...

    these quizzes are awesome btw (u knew that but i thought i'd point it out.)

  • i loved this series :)

    kia manson
  • nice quiz series! i bet it's gonna be awesome! and also u didn't include the description of Alec. can u put that in plz?

  • Its pretty good so far! Youre a great writer. I loved your scary love stories. I think you should consider writing a book! I would totally buy it


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