Undieing love part 8 The End

ITS NOT OVER this is like the end of a chapter in a book the next one will be called "a warrior's battle" and no I won't take forever....maybe....I'm serious I might take long bit it's going to be worth it I sware!!!!

ITS NOT OVER this is like the end of a chapter in a book the next one will be called "a warrior's battle" and no I won't take forever....maybe....I'm serious I might take long bit it's going to be worth it I sware!!!!! Shaven DVD d smashed

Created by: xxemogirlxx111

  1. RECAP: so the guys each take turns telling you the story on how they met Skylet,then about the abuse,and how about what happened during their trail at the castle
  2. "ok so tell me what happened!"you say, Marth smiles "you are so impatient" says Marth, you can't help but blush as you look into his beautiful light green eyes, *it's hard to be mad at Marth, especially when you look into his eyes, but that's not saying that I forgive him for accusing me of being a shadow, maybe if he would apologize,.... Wait, SKYLER! Please tell me that you aren't reading my mind!!!* "he isn't but I am"says scarlet, she is standing in the doorway, she looks weak and instead of her usual red eyes she has dull purple eyes.
  3. "ZELKA!" says skyler as he runs and hugs her, all of the guys go and hug her, Matt even almost starts to cry "Matt I don't want to wake up and see you cry" says scarlet "you shouldent be up" says Marth "what are you all talking about before?" asks scarlet "we were talking about what happened when we went to court for killing johnathan" says Marth "what part are you at?" asks scarlet "the beginning and we will continue if you go back to bed"says Felix "fine then"says scarlet, you all join scarlet in skyler's bedroom, the room has one large window a large bed with red sheets and white pillows, there is a red carpet and plain white walls. 
  4. "ok then let's continue with the story then"says Felix "still my turn"says Marth "ok then once we arrived at the castle they put us in the dungeon  PAST: there is one window with bars and two grey benches in one small cell, scarlet, Matt, and Felix sit on one bench and skyler and marth sit on the other. "great this is where we end up" says scarlet.  PRESENT:"I'm bored already"says scarlet "fine then let's just give Esmeralda the short version" says Felix "ok so basically the king saw that we were his children and luke was the soldier sent to protect our mother and us"says Matt. ........
  5. "do you hear that?" says Matt "go check" says Felix, Matt changes into a parrot with green and red feathers, Marth opens the window and Matt flys out. "what do you think it is"you ask. They all look at each other. "so it all gone, and you think that"says scarlet, the guys nod. "huh?" you say "then what?, we split?" asks scarlet "RUN!"says Matt as he turns from a bird into a wolf and runs out the front door. Everyone gets up and starts running, skyler turns into his tiger form and starts running. 
  6. "why are we running" you ask as you leave the house. BOOM!!!  You fall to the ground from the blast the explosion caused, all that's left from the house is burning wood. "HURRY UP" says Marth as he grabs your hand and pulls you up
  7. "why are we running" you ask as you leave the house. BOOM!!!  You fall to the ground from the blast the explosion caused, all that's left from the house is burning wood. "HURRY UP" says Marth as he grabs your hand and pulls you up. "were do we go now?!" asks scarlet "Sun Village" says Felix. You can't see Matt or skyler anywhere *were are they,do they know were we're going*. You reach a reach a bridge, the bridge is made using rope and wood,scarlet change into her angel form and flys to the other side,"I'll meet you at the river!" says scarlet "Esmeralda go first" says marth, you obey
  8. The bridge starts rocking side to side as you make your way to the other side. You hear people coming your way "hurry up, we're trying NOT to die!" says felix. Arrows fly above your head barely missing you, you hear a soft chanting and it gets louder and louder with watch second "DEATH DEATH DEATH" they say. "HURRY UP! THE BRIDGE IS BREAKING!" says Marth, you run to the other side and you turn around and see that the guys made it just before the bride broke and fell down. You guys continue to run until you all feel like your a safe distance away from the one who are chasing you. "I'm tired, I can't walk anymore" you say "we can't stop, I'll carry you ok?" says Felix, you nod and he picks you up and you fall asleep in his arms.
  9. "so you want us to go to cloud island and you are also going to earth but somewhere else?" says scarlet "me and skyler are going to the underground city of darkness" says Matt. You open your eyes "WAIT WHAT'S GOING ON?!" you ask as you jump off a white couch and stand up. "I didn't know she was so loud" says a girl with dark purple hair that her shoulders and she has hot pink eyes. "Esmeralda this is Mist, and Mist this is Esmeralda"says Felix "so this is her, I thought that she would be more um..." "more what!!" you say "now now ladies no need to fight over me" says Felix "I don't have to fight, I already have you" says Mist as she kisses him on the check. "I wish I had a girlfriend" says Matt. "she's your girlfriend?!" you say "yup" says felix
  10. "anyways!, we need to discuss our plan" says Matt "so right now we've decided that Matt and skyler are going to the City Of Darkness, me and Esmeralda are going to Cloud Island and-" "and me and Felix are going to Earth!!" "Mist must you interupt me!, and you forget that Marth is going with you and Felix"says Scarlet "why are we separating?" you ask "we need to prepare ourselves and become stronger, we can not defeat the shadow's army now, we need to wait until they lower their gaurd but even then it may not be enough so that's why we are separating so that we can fully control our abilities, Matt and skyler are going to the underground City Of Darkness to become stronger in their animal form, me, feilx,and Mist are going to a Earth so that we can help each other concentrate under pressure-" "what powers does Mist have?" you ask "I can control people"says Mist "I hate how you interrupt me all the time"says Marth "I don't interrupt ALL the time"you say. "anyways, you and me need to go to Cloud Island, there we will meet Jade and she will teach us fighting techniques"says scarlet
  11. "so how long are we going to be seperated for?"you ask "one year"says skyler "when do we leave?"you ask "tomorrow morning"says skyler "it's late and we need to get up early so lets go to sleep"says Matt. You all go to sleep on the white couch and everyone else sleeps on the forest green carpet.
  12. "Esmeralda, wake up" whispers Matt "huh? What do you want Matt?"you ask "just come with me"says Matt, you put in your shoes and go outside. "were are we going?" you ask "be quiet please, I don't want them to wake up"says Matt. You both arrive at a cliff, although you can barely see you look down from the edge of the cliff and see the artificial sun's reflection in the dark blue water, Matt takes out a mini flashlight from his pocket he turns it on and hands it to you. "Esmeralda...." "...yes?" "Im going to miss you a lot" says Matt "I'm going to miss you too, I'm going to miss all of you"you say "here"Matt takes off a necklace, it's a white rock. "it changes color based on how you feel white is when no one is wearing it, red is fir angry,black is for stressed, blue is for relaxed, orange is for sad, green is for happy, and purple is for love"says Matt. He puts the necklace on you and it turns orange, "your sad, I guess I know why, hey you know we'll all see each other again eventually" "ya, in a year"you say "it will go bye fast you'll see". Matt leans in slowly and kisses you gently on your lips, you close your eyes and kiss him back, he kisses you with so much passion that you never knew existed. You push away knowing that if you didn't he would never stop kissing you, then you start blushing a lot an it's not like you can control it. "you look so cute when you blush"says Matt "you think a tomato is cute" you both burst out laughing, "but I actually like tomatoes"says Matt.
  13. You both stay on the cliff until the artificial sun starts turning on, you both look at the ocean that seems to go on forever. "we should go"says Matt, you both walk back and you see the house you were staying at, it's a small white house there isn't any trees or grass and very few houses nearby, you go inside and try to go back to sleep. You can't go back to sleep although Matt fell asleep almost as soon as you arrived back. *a part of me is sad and another is excited about what's going to happen* "i see your up Esmeralda" says Mist "um ya, so how long have you and Felix been together Mist?" you ask "one year almost"says Mist "why do you live around here and not at rose village, well before it was destroyed" you ask "well I had to help protect this village, my family has lived and protected this village for generations I can't leave just because I want to be near Felix and he also had to stay in rose village so we both understood although it has been hard" says Mist
  14. "it's time"says scarlet "scarlet your up!"says Mist "wake up Matt, Marth, Skyler, and Felix"says Scarlet, they all get up and you all start walking towards the forest. "this is it"says Felix he hugs everyone exept Marth and mist since they're going together. "bye"says Marth and he hugs everyone. "goodbye"says mist and she just waves goodbye to everyone. "we meet in the temple of peace exactly one year from now who ever does not show up we will assume that you are dead"says Skyler, you all nod. "bye" you say as Marth Felix and Mist disappear. "we're next" says Matt, he hugs scarlet and then you "the year will just fly by, you'll see"says skyler he hugs you and scarlet "goodbye"you say. They start walking forward and you stand in silence until they are out of sight. "our turn"says scarlet as she grabs your hand.
  15. In less than a second you are transported to this place. You see lots of clouds in the sky, they are white and fluffy, around you are a few trees, grass, benches and there is only one house in sight, it's a medium size house and it's light blue with two red rose bushes on each side. "let's go see jade"says scarlet, she goes to the light blue house and knocks on the door. A girl about Scarlet's age opens the door, she has red hair and dark black eyes. "I've been waiting for you"she says "jade I would like you to meet Esmeralda"says scarlet "hello Esmeralda"says jade "Esmeralda welcome to your new home, welcome to cloud island" says scarlet *****************The End*********************
  16. ITS NOT OVER!!!!!!!!!! this is just the end of this chapter ok the next part will be called "a warrior's battle" ok it's not ever there is still more ok. Anyways can you tell me which guy your in love with?????

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