Undieing love part 5 (holloween edition)

Read please: so ya I know I'm let with this but stuff happened and I got dstracted and bored and I wasn't going to post this but I did so deal with it now so there is a second part to this so this is part one of 5 ok then got that and oh and thank you for taking the time to read my quizes and give me feedback and I am considering changing a few things

I LIED OK SO READ THIS PLEASE: ya I forgot to put Esmeralda's discription and ya I know im dumb for not saying nothing on the beginning ok so here it is. Esmeralda has white blond hair with blueish and greyish eyes (is there such a thing, idk u tell me) she has white skin but REALY pale (am I making any scenic??)

Created by: xxemogirlxx111

  1. You wake up in your room,it's realy early like um lets say 6:00am (you:that's not early,me: for me ya) "Grr must go back to sleep" you say,you start hearing the guys voices and hear them say " should we take her" says Matt ," well we have to" says Felix," no you don't, I'm not going" says Marth "ya that's like leaving her alone, and anyways you have to come, even scarlet is going" says matt "she's only going for the candy you know" says Felix "WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON FELIX!!!!, MARTH DON'T WALK AWAY NOW!!!!!" says Matt
  2. "Matt im not going, it's a waste of time, if I wanted some candy I'd just buy some" says Marth "Marth money doesent buy everything" says scarlet "what do you mean by that?" asks Marth "I mean that you should come, being alone is no fun you know" says scarlet " fine then ill go now shutup and let me get back to sleep" says Marth
  3. It stays quiet for a bit and then Matt and Felix start singing Tic tok parody the one by midnight beast .....I think. So you decide to get up and see the random crazyness. "they're not bad" you say, you get dressed and go down stairs.
  4. "I'm not really black but dont tell my mom and dad"both Matt and feilx are singing. You almost die laughing, Matt and Felix were jumping on the couch like little kids!!!!!!! "so what's up guys" you ask after finally stop laughing, "ME FIRST!!!!"says Matt "ok,so we are going trick or treating today!!!!!!" "what's that" you ask, it's when people dress up and go ask for candy"says Felix. "Felix is going to be a doctor,and scarlet is going in her vampire form, and I'm going to be Mario!!!!!!" says Matt "Matt if your Mario then I'm luigi" says Marth
  5. "so at what time are we going to Los Angeles" says Scarlet, "at 7:30pm" says Felix. "its been a while since we've been to Earth" says Marth, " I'm going right now with Esmeralda" says Scarlet, she grabs your hand and then suddenly your in room.Nothing is in it, Scarlet leads you out side and you notice the beautiful,bright blue sky,the fluffy white clouds,and the magnificent yellow sun. "don't look at the sun directly,you are of no use to me blind,unless I were to drain your power" says Scarlet, she leads you to a dark blue car (don't know much about cars and stuff, I'm not into that)
  6. She drives you to a store and she leads you inside, there are tons of costumes, animals, pirates,and mythical creatures,(dont know of i spelled that right) well at least to humans."get anyone you like, the price does not matter" says Scarlet, "Thanks!!!!!!" you say.
  7. You look around and you see a Dark Fairy costume with black wings, a black dress, and black leather boots. You see another costume it's a Bee costume with little yellow wings, a yellow skirt, and black tights. You also see an Egyptian Princess costume, with a white dress,a gold snake bracelet (fake of course) ,a ring and a short black wig.
  8. "um ill get this one you say, pointing at the dark fairy costume. you try it on and it fits you perfectly, the dress reaches your knees and the boots reach below your knees, it goes well with your white blond hair.
  9. so you guys go back to the house where you were earlyer and you see the guys looking very impaitient "what took you so long, i thought Scarlet had killed you and thrown you in the ocean Esmeralda" says Felix "well if i was going to kill her i would burn her body and then make a big cake and mix her ashes in with the batter and put a lot of frosting, make you eat it and then tell you an hour latter and laugh as you try to throw up the cake" says Scarlet. "im never trusting you to make food ever again" says Marth
  10. So you notice that the guys are all in their costumes. Esmeralda let me show you a room so you can change" says scarlet,you quickly change and go back to where you were before and you see that scarlet has changed into her vampire form, she has sharp white fangs and dark black wings.
  11. Ok so fastforward or eles I'm not posting this. So you guys are already hyper,and you have bags full of candy,Jolly ranchers, tootsie rolls, gum,snickers,now and laters and a bunch of other candy. " ok so last house and then we go back to the underworld" says scarlet, "NO,I WANT TO GO TO THE HAUNTED HOUSE" says Matt,pointing to a old house, like the ones the so called wiches live in. " lets go inside" says Matt "yay I'm so happy that I'm going to die *sarcasm*" says Marth, so you guys go inside and the door slams behind you. Scarlet stands in front, Felix it to your right Matt is to your left and Marth is next to Matt. " hello we have been expecting you all" the voice is coming fromall directions but at the sound of it you jump, Matt grabs your hand noticing that you are scared. "we should go further"says scarlet

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