Undieing love part 4

RED THIS:So question 11has to be befor question 9 and after the question about the scarf. I'm sorry I REALY messed up but I'm REALY sick and why does this thing keep doing that I hate around (writing) this. WTF omg there is no question 11. Oh....ok then 11-2=9 9-2=7 so question 9 and 7 are messed up ok I got this now...... No I don't but ya those questions are switched

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Created by: xxemogirlxx111

  1. RECAP: so you started your training a bit early and the first thing ylou had to do was knock down a tree with a sword, once you did Scarlet knocked down another tree in one hit and told you that you have to do the same tomarrow
  2. " Esmeralda wake up", you think to yourself *who is this person it's going to be Felix or Marth, grr I forget* you roll over and end up falling on the floor "at least theres a carpet" "are you ok?" you look up and see Marth, he helps you get up and says "Esmeralda, Scarlet requested to see you, she said something about training" he just walks out of the room. "whatever I don't even get a good morning, whatever" you lock the door and change and stuff.
  3. You go outside looking for Scarlet "looking for me" she says, you jump you didn't know that she was behind you "hi" you mumble. "so today we will start some basic training, what you did yesterday was more like a waste of time but I did get to see how strong you are" she hands you the same sword from yesterday. Suddenly a creature that looks like a bunch of plants comes out of the ground and is onle a few feet away from you. Scarlet climbs up a nearby tree and then she looks at the creature and it starts walking towards you. "Esmeralda you must defeat the plant but be warned it will fight" says Scarlet
  4. You get a good grip on your sword and start running towards th plant but then the plant throws razor sharp leafs (have no idea if I spelled that right) that hit your sword so hard that the sword went flying and landed behind you, you quickly back away and charge again, but this time before the plant attacks you run left and throw your sword at the creature like a spear (you know that long pointy thing grr so hard to explain, just look it up if u don't know) the sword hits the creature's neck and it comes out from it's chest
  5. "congrats, you know the basics of fighting, attack, go back, and attack again,.....hmm now I want you to defeat it again only now blindfolded" says Scarlet "WHAT!!!, I CANT DO THAT I'M GOING TO GET KILLED"you scream "Esmeralda what your doing now is nothing you will face worse, so if you can't defeat this then you are truly worthless to me"
  6. So you agree to defeat the creature.So Scarlet takes off a scarf,you didn't notice she was wearing it, it was black with white hearts. She folds it and puts it over your eyes so you can't see.
  7. Then you feel something grab you feel something grab you, you can't move, it feels like your tied up with rope. the creature tightens its grip. You get a better grip on your sword and swing it only using your wrist.
  8. The creature screams and realeses it's grip on you so you start charging and you hit something and Scarlet tells you to take off the scarf and you do.
  9. You hear the creature coming towards you, knowing that it is only a few feet away from you, you charge You grab your sword and swing you hear something jump and land behind you.
  10. Ok I'm done so should I do a hollowed edition or no and if ya then what should I make them dress up as and stuff. Oh and by the way I will be adding a character that someone created maybe on the next one but I will add it so ya thanks for taking the quiz it's so cool to think that your story is good enough for someone to read it

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