Undieing love part 1

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Created by: xxemogirlxx111

  1. You are in a room. The walls are painted black, like everything eles in the room. You get out of bed and it feels like you were shot in the head but u decide to ignore the pain you open the curtains and see that you are in a mansion surrounded by beautiful black and white roses. You wonder were you are, who brought you here, and most importantly who are you and what is you name. Suddenly you notice that someone is coming twards the room, you quickly go back into the bed and act like your sleeping. You believe that there are 4 people in the room. One of them quickly notices that the curtains are open you notice that it's a girls voice. You think to yourself "damn I left the curtains open but it's not like I had time to close them".
  2. Then suddenly someone throws you off the bed you quickly get up and start running you got up so fast that you didn't even get a chance to see anyone's face all you know was that there where 3 guys and the girl who noticed the curtains. Suddenly you trip and while getting up u notice that a guy with black hair and emerald green eyes is standing right in front of you. He looks like he's going to laugh but he's holding it back. He helps you up and tells you to come with him you refuse then suddenly a girl with two other guys appear one of the guys has red hair and grey eyes the other has black and brown hair with light blue eyes,"just like the sky" you think the girl says well I guess your right they do look quite like the color of the sky. Your in shock but you notice that the girl has dark red hair pale skin and has a necklace with a chain attached to it
  3. She looks at you and you notice her red eyes. She also says "well I'm quite glad that a weakling like you is in my presence (she was being sarcastic) oh and by the way my name is Scarlet Alexandra I hate how you refer to me as "the girl", she slowly starts walking away from you with a amused face. Then you run in front of her and scream "how are you reading my mind you know I'd appreciated it if you'd stop, you stupid creep" she puts on a emotionless face and leaves
  4. The guy with the red hair tells you "you shouldn't be so mean to scarlet ... in her own way she's actually trying to protect you" "THAT'S ENOUGH FROM YOU MATT" screams the guy with blue eyes. The black haired guy jumps in "Matt, Felix is right, you Should not be disscussing anything about Scarlet with a complete stranger we haven't even seen if she is in fact one of us or one of them"
  5. Matt coming to your defense says "Hey a person is not a stranger if you know their name ok and we know a lot about Esmeralda" "Esmeralda" you think "is that my name" you hear the guys faint voices but for now your in your own world
  6. You know you name "Esmeralda" you whisper. You are filled with joy until you see Scarlet in a tree, she comes down and tells the guys to stop arguing and then she says "Marth it's time we tell her or to be precise it's time for you all to tell her" she grabs Marth's hand (that's the guy with black hair) and Feilx's while Marth grabs Matt's hand and Matt grabs your hand suddenly you see Scarlet's red eyes get a little darker and suddenly you are in the masion to be more specific the mansion's living room.
  7. You feel dissy and Felix sees this so he takes you over to a black leathered couch and you sit next to him then Scarlet leaves. The room is quiet and Marth breaks the silence by saying "who wants to start" Matt starts " Emeralda as you already must know we are not normal human beings and nether are you" you try to say something but he ignores you "I am a animal shape shifter (whatever you want to call it) meaning I can change into any animal I want at anytime"
  8. "Felix is a healer, and Marth can turn invisible and can feel exactally what you are feeling meaning pain or emotional pain, happiness or sadness and stuff" you are in shock then you ask yourself "why am I here do I have powers what's going on" Matt continues "Scarlet is a vampire and a fallen angle and mixed with a lot of other things......... OH RIGHT I SORT OF FORGOT and you are a warrior just like Scarlet"
  9. You get angry you have come to hate scarlet and out of rage say "WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE THE SAME POWER AS HER OH AND I BET SHE'S GOING TO TEACH ME RIGHT THEN TOO BAD CUZ IM GOING HOME" Marth says "home...how funny I know that you know nothing about yourself and now your claiming that your going home I guess Scarlet was right you are weak but even more than that you pathetic" he laughs at you and a tear runs down your cheek The guys see thin but Marth just walks away and Matt hugs you and Felix says "Esmeralda you shall be staying with us at least until you can master your power or until Scarlet can find your family" Matt hugs you even tighter and you hug back while Felix leaves you think to yourself "why does scarlet have the key to everything, the key to my past and to using my powers how and I going to deal with her" Matt stops hugging you and takes you to your room, the one you woke up in, you start noticing more and more about the room and meanwhile Matt leaves and you fall asleep on the bed.you wake up because you think you hear crying and you follow the doing to a room and you slowly and quietly turn the handle and to your surprise you find Scarlet in the corner of the room crying
  10. THE ANSWERS HAVE NO EFFECT I'M SORRY I'm using my iPod and I can't put effect so PLZ help me

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