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  • The word socialism is always thrown around without regard to what it actually means.The maker of this quiz is one of those who don't know what socialism is and use it incorrectly.If you don't like socialism, that's fine, but at least learn what it actually IS so you can know what it is you're disliking.

    some person
  • Oh, I see. Apparently, I'm now a socialist. I'm actually libertarian right. Wanting abolition of the state does not mean you are an anarchist. It can also mean you are a communist.

  • I feel that is was mostly unbiased but the last question was stupid and you did not have enough possible outcomes.

  • Well, the scope of possible outcomes was a bit limited, but hey, it still described me well enough.

    E Lunatic
  • This is just about the worst quiz I ever saw the guy who made this is an idiot.

  • anarchist cool


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