TWMCE (The Worst Multiple Choice Ever)

this is The Worst Multiple Choice Ever. i made it because i was Bored and it turned out pretty good. i have made two others and are working on a forth. the others are better then this so don't be disapointed.

Can you beat The Worst Multiple Choice Ever? Iâd like to see you try. The answers to the questions are not logical and donât much relation to each other in this quiz so do your best. Good luck.

Created by: Screec

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  1. Why do people live?
  2. 6+6=
  3. If you could fly what would it be called?
  4. Pigs can fly?
  5. What does this say? You dno't need all the lterts in a wrod in oderr in oerdr to raed it.
  6. F.E.A.R stands for.
  7. If i could fly i would drop water ballons on people.
  8. School's for fools.
  9. School's cool.
  10. Harrison ford stared in air force two?
  11. Can electricity kill you?
  12. Why's thwe word "Antidisastablishmenttariosm" so long.
  13. Did i write the original copy of this with an HB pencil.
  14. Is it bad if you can't read your own writing?
  15. Is Mario gay with some penguin guy?
  16. (@/\ y0u /e@|) th!$
  17. What do i have written on my three hats?
  18. Is dixon a pencil?
  19. What's the devils number?
  20. Dude looks like a lady?
  21. Which is better?
  22. Money, money, money
  23. A newton is?
  24. How do you spell my last name?
  25. Is this the end?

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