Twisted Part 3

I hope you enjoy my quiz. If you haven't read the others please do. I worked really hard on them! :) Why do these have to be so freaking long.! Only 7 left!

Why are these so long?! They have to make these so freaking long and I have nothing else to say so now I have to make this one hundred and fifty characters without excessive or repeating characters.

Created by: RayRay

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  1. You wake up in a hot sweat. Rocky staring at you with worry in his eyes. He looked so cute when he was worried. " ______! Are you ok you were tossing and turning and i came in and i tried to wake you up buti couldn't and i was worried and i.." "Shhhhh..." Then you got out of bed and kissed him on the cheek. (Not on the lips because you have morning breath)Rocky stopped talking suddenly and smiled. He held your hand and said, "I'm glad your ok," then he left the room to let you get dressed. You take a shower and do you hair how you want and dress in some house clothes. Then you go downstairs and see a full breakfast meal of all the things you like.
  2. Standing at the edge of table was Jimmy. "I hope you like all of these foods. I made it especially in your honor. Everyone started piling in and ruined the moment but at least someone was eating the food. Jimmy looked a little annoyed but he was alright after a while. "Woah Jimmy when did u learn to cook," Rocky teased. You let out a little giggle. "Oh you thinks that's funny huh?" Rocky smiled, clicked his teeth and winked. You felt yourself blushing and then rolled your eyes. After breakfast you thanked Jimmy for everything and for teaching you to be a vampire and stuff.
  3. You go for a walk through the forest and just happened to see Rocky. You run up to him and you start walking together. *Time forward* You both realized that you've had a very heated discussion about cuss words and pineapple pizza. You come back to the house and when you open the door you see a huge mess. There were glasses broken on the floor and there was blood stained on the carpet and the sofas. "What the heck happened in here?!" you asked. Jimmy comes out limping and has a sad expression on his face. " _______ I'm so sorry. I tried to save them. I just couldn't. I'm so so sorry," he cried while he breathed heavily. "What are you sorry about Jimmy." "Your mom and Maria. They're.. they're..... dead." You gasp and then burst into tears. Jimmy takes you into his embrace. He holds you for what feels like ages. But you kind of like. Rocky was just standing there awkwardly and then he says "Umm... I'm just... er.. ya know.. gonna go now." "Wait. Please don't go. I need the support of everyone." Then you run into his arms and he kisses you on your forehead.
  4. Jimmy leaves to get the others when Rocky starts kissing you passionately. You kiss him back and your kissing until Jessica comes up and says, "Bug off princess." "Shut up pi** pants." She rolls her eyes and then looks at Rocky. "What are you doing babe." "I'm not your babe. We've never had a thing. Oh and I was kissing. Ever heard of it?!" You start to blush but you try to stop yourself because Jessica is looking at you. You give her a fake smile and she rolls her eyes again. "Rocky. I love you and I know that you love me to. You don't need to be with this piece of trash." "Don't talk about yourself that way." Then you let out a giggle while Jessica storms off angrily. "So what was that about?" you say. " She's had this big crush on me ever since kindergarten and now she thinks I'm her boyfriend. She's a little stuck- up and she's not the smartest pea in the pod." You laugh and then just say, "Oh." "I promise. There's nothing between me and Jessica. I wouldn't of kissed you if we were." "Oh that reminds me why did you kiss me?" He blushed and said "Why did you kiss back?" Then he walked away. Touche you thought and he left you there blushing. You go upstairs realizing what had just happened to your mom and best friend and you start tearing up. You decide to take a shower and wash your hair. You come out and change in to house clothes. You get called downstairs for dinner but with you tear stained eyes everyone knows that you've been crying.
  5. After dinner you start discussing with Jimmy why Josh wasn't at the dinner table today. He says that he's been kidnapped and the only way to get him back if we go to the Estimunte and bribe the leader to get him back. You agree and then go upstairs to pack to find a girl waiting outside your room. You find that her name is Lisa and she is Josh's girlfriend. You start off a little jealous but then after you guys talk for a while you find out that she is genuinely kind. You guys start having a good timne and she tells you that she's a fire and water bender. You both start having a great time and before you know it your finished packing and your having a pillow fight.
  6. You wake up and find that Lisa is on the other end of your bed fast asleep. You had a sleepover on the first night of being friends. You get up take a shower and wake up Lisa and tell her to get ready. You are both dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. You see Rocky there making poptarts and he says, "I see you two have made friends already. Interesting." "Haha very funny Rocky," Lisa says. "What?!" he says with a smirk on his face and he winks at you while you blush. You all have poptarts while the others come down for eggs and bacon.
  7. *Lisa P.O.V.* ______ is the coolest friend I've ever had. I am so glad she let me come and find Josh with her. She seems super sweet!! I think this is the start to a new friendship!
  8. *Your P.O.V* You are bringing your stuff downstairs with Lisa and you both start sitting on the couch until the others come downstairs. "I am really glad we can be friends _______. When I tried to be friends with Jessica and Dalia they just shooed me away and called me stupid. I hope we will continue to be friends." "Me too. I am really sorry about Jessica and Dalia. They are kind of annoying sometimes. Dalia is still my friend but you know how friends can be." "Isn't Jessica your friend." "No. I think she hates me because I kissed her crush." You both start giggling. Josh tells me a lot about. He says your really kind and sweet. I kind of think sometimes that he has feelings for you but I try to shake that off. It gets hard though because he's always telling me how awesome you are." She smiled weakly. You felt bad but kind of happy that Josh talks about you. "Well. Josh and I are really good friends nothing more. I am really glad that he is with a girl as sweet as you and knowing Josh he won't break your heart." Lisa gave you a huge hug and said thank you. The boys came down with the girls and we were ready to go.
  9. Rocky gets a portal mirror that will take us halfway. We get our powers ready to use just in case there are any interruptions. He opens the portal and we all jump through just to notice.....
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Sorry guys but I had to put it there. I might make part 4 today but I'm not sure.
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