Twilight, your romance (part 7)

Sorry it took so long i have been really busy and all that, I've been doing it bit by bit and I've just found the time to do it so I hope you like it because I spent..... really, to tell the truth, not long hehehe

This one has Edward, oh and by the way, it's a little harder to get edward because he's not in this one much, and you have jacob, who seems to be killing himself with regret, and seth, who seems to be dieing right in frount of you.

Created by: Hinata

  1. You follow jacob into the room that seth was ment to be in.
  2. You walk into the room and you gasp, seth is hooked up with wires and a full body cast.
  3. You stand there with your mouth open, Jacob walks out of the room without a word.
  4. You stand there speechless, you finaly realise Jacob is shivering.
  5. "Jacob, I'm sure he's fine, don't you heal fast or something?" you walk up and hold his arm...
  6. He pushes you away, "Don't you see ____?! He is going to be in there for at least 6 months! I could get kicked out of the pack!"
  7. "_-____, is that you?"
  8. You run up to Seth, "Your awake Seth!" "I heard what Jake said..." "Oh..." "Bring him here ______ please."
  9. "Jacob..." you notice that jacob is already next to you, "Jacob it's not your fult, stop say..." Seth went into a coughing fit, jacob just stood there watching.
  10. He gets out a needle.
  11. Jacob grabs the needle and shoves it furiusely into his arm....
  12. sorry, going to have to leave it like that, who are you falling for?

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Quiz topic: Twilight, my romance (part 7)