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Do you love twilight! Do you wish you could live it! But, you don't want it by the book it has to be your own! Your own piece off the romance!Well, here is your chance

Finally, I have made the new twisted twilight! It's Alive! It's Alive! BUt, who do you love? Well, In a matter of minutes you will find your new MAN!!

Created by: Twisted twilight Part 8

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  1. Me and Nick dated over the summer!" You explain! "And, when I heard he was here I can looking for her!" Nick puffs flashing the boys and mean look! What do you think about nick following you?
  2. "What you though we would hurt her?" Jake said with his arm shaking alittle! "Yeah, I did!" Then, Jake is right in front of nick and, is about to punch him! "do it, do i" Seth calles just before you run between them!"Jake, back off!" Edward says pulling jake back!
  3. ":Guys, don't please!" Jake looks to you and then plops back on the coach! "Nick, As you can see she is not in danger will you please leave?" Edward smiles! "What choice do I have!" Nick mutters! "Thank you, I'll show you the way out!"
  4. When you all go down stairs Emmett is sitting there and, you now he now the whole story! "If it makes you feel better," Emmett says pulling a arm aroun Jake."You could have taken him" After a hour or so you go to take a nap!But, minutes later edward walks in! "So, you still don't like Nick Right?"
  5. You go with no! "Good!" Then, Edward is kissing you!
  6. when Jake walks in! "Dinner time!" when he see you his face drops and He looks lost! "One minute!" Edward says inbetween kisses!
  7. You pull away form edward with just a quick "I'm hungary!" and run down stairs! There, you see that jake and seth are sad and, the table has a awarded silence!Well. besides Edward talking your ear off!
  8. That night you try to figure it out! What guy? What guy?
  9. You finally go to sleep dreaming of...
  10. You wake up to a tap at your window! It's...
  11. What color?

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