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  • I owe you did dare 1 and he was excited and now we are a couple.

  • I got no crush and no friends who do I say I like you to?

  • I got number 3 am I happy with my life. yeah I am pretty much :P

  • Truth: I am freaking in love! I have the best social life, love life, home life, and life! I feel so dang happy! I hope you are doing great because right now everyone needs a little love! If I could get married right now I would! I had a crush and now I'm living my dream! I'M HAPPY! The only thing I'm sad about is that I hate I don't get to see my sweetie much and that he mighr be moving! It will break my heart! I love him so much! My best friend is here for me, and honestly, she's the only thing I need to make my life better! You know what they say, bows before bros and chicks before d---s! {#lol}

  • dare 2: hide until ppl come looking for me result: i' doing it after dinner

  • im bored lol its the truth and i have homework...

  • CHALLANGE 2! I scared my mummy and daddy doing it

    Christ Love
  • ... i died

    Julie Bros 2

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