True Heart and Magic ~Part 15~

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TAADAA!!!! It's finally here! I am soooooooooooooo sorry it took me forever. I was so busy with school and summer. And just when I was about to finish it, GoToquiz erased it so I was mad and gave myself writer's block. But it's done!

If you can't remember the last quiz, here's a summary. The guys got you back from the Nature castle with Lucas and Whitney and Lexi and when things were fine, you were stolen into a mirror and trapped by Troy. The guys finally get you out of the mirror and are trying to make you talk about what happened. This one will tie in a lot of the loose ends. Oh and this one is a shout-out to my boyfriend. Today is our 6 month anniversary.

Created by: StarMaya

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  1. The guys set you down on the couch and you tell your story. The guys stare in awe as they hear about them dying and you being trapped in white. You finish and it goes quiet... Your mind is still blocked from Cody so he can't hear you. You think to yourself that your going to leave out the skeletons and yourself dying. You stop thinking when Zack puts his arm around your shoulders. The rest of the guys help you lie down on Zack's lap. "What's going on?" You say kinda panicky. "We can tell you barely got any sleep because when you were telling us your story, the water in the pool didn't move a bit. Not even when the wind blew." Says Cody. "Plus, Zack got the biggest scare out of all of us when we thought you were gone." Says Justin. You look at Zack and see him looking down at you. You smile slightly when you feel Jake put his hand on your chest and your forehead. You see a bright blue glow and then you fall asleep. You dream of the guy's and how much you missed them and everything is great until you see Troy in the background. You only see his face. He seems to whisper something but you can't hear it until it gets louder. "I'll be back for you, my sweet."
  2. The guys watch you flinch as you dream. "She's obviously still haunted by him." says Justin. "And that's what I was trying to figure out." Said Cody as he walks out of the room. He's gone for no more than two minutes when he comes back with a flower headband and a needle test tube. "What's that?" Asks Jake. "It's my newest creation. This helmet is to show us her dreams but she will never know because it's a head band. And the needle is to knock her out for a couple of extra hours." Says Cody, with excitment in his eyes. The guys don't have time to say anything before Cody is ingecting the fluid into your arm, making you flinch one last time before peacefully resting. Cody asks Zack to lift you up just a bit so he can put the head band on your head. Zack nods and slips his arms underneath your shoulders, lifting you slightly, making your hair sway back and forth and catching the light for a second. Cody puts the headband on your head, making you look like an earth goddess, not a water goddess. Zack lowers you on the couch again before seeing your dream show above your head. The guys stare in awe, then in terror.
  3. The guys see your dream of you waking up and see nothing but them walking around with death in their eyes. The guys stare as they see Troy come into your dream and take you away. They try to reach out for you but realize that it's only a dream. They watch as you flinch every now and then at the sudden appearances of Troy. He would come out of no where and steal you away from the guys. You would scream for them but they could never hear you. And when the guys think they couldn't take one more sound of the screams from your mouth, the scene changes... You are now in a meadow with tress all around you. They see you picking a flower when Zack picks you up and swings you around, then Justin carries you on his shoulders, making you feel like you can touch the sky, then Cody comes and takes your hand and spins you around, only to land in his arms. He slightly dances with you when Jake covers your eyes and kisses you on the cheek, making you blush. A soft blow of wind comes and blows your hair toward the trees. The guys stand with you, showing you are safe everyday. The breeze comes from the forest and they walk with you as you walk into the forest. They see the grave you saw in your dream, they saw where her angel came down and touch Zack's heart before leaving into the skies with her sister. They saw the time Lexi saved you from Troy. They saw the greatest moments before they came to this forest with families laughing and couples walking. They never realized the moments that were here before they were. But just when things were looking amazing, it turned dark. They also saw the moments the families broke up and the couples separated. They saw you dying on that tree log, they saw you and Jake surrounded by fire. They saw the sorrow the trees felt when they came crashing down in that fire. And once again, as if on cue, they saw Troy come out and take you away from underneath the guy's noses. They try to reach out to you but when they got to you, they saw all the people that wanted you dead. From Troy to Sabrina; from Zeke to May. They then fade away from the dream and the cloud disappears. You open your eyes open. They sit you up and Cody gently takes the crown off. You look at Cody but he just smiles at you. "I'm going to the pool." you say. The guys nod, staying quiet about the dream. They walk out with you and sit in the chairs while you gently walk in the still water. You start to sink in. The water slowly drags you in while water surrounds your head, making your hair sway and glow a light blue. You close your eyes as they turn to blue. The guys watch as the water glows and fades, glows and fades. Zack, Jake and Justin close their eyes and take a breath, the first breath since they got you back. But Cody keeps his eyes fixed on the water. He starts to think-The water is too still for _____'s return. It should be scared and relieved. But it seems sad. Crying for their master to do something.- The water then flashes a deep red, the color of blood. Cody jerks up but by the time the guys sit up, the water is normal. You swim up to the top and walk out. The guys stand up as you start to walk out of the pool. You come up to the guys, completely dried but with your crown on your head. You smile slightly. The guys smile back and give you a bear hug/group hug. You hug them back and laugh. They surround you, boxing you in when you take off your crown and hold it in your hands. It vaporizes and floats into the sky. The guys stare in awe as the vapor turns into stars in the dark night sky. You smile and all you guys start to walk in. You close the door behind you and look at your reflection, your evil red eyed reflection.
  4. Zack picks your sleeping body up and takes you into your room. The guys follow, watching your peaceful face and long hair sway. They smile :). Zack enters your room and Jake takes a seat in the chair next to your bed as the guys say their goodnight. Cody closes the door slowly, hearing a click. Jake's face glows as the moonlight hits the side of his face and peers onto yours. He leans in and kisses your head softly. He strokes your soft hair to show your sleeping face. He blushes and smiles. "I love you _____." Whispers Jake. He takes your hand and takes a seat next to your head. He gazes out the window and daydreams. Before he knows it, Zack is tapping him, telling hm to switch off. He wobbles off to his room and closes the door slowly, hearing a click. Zack strokes your hair and closes his eyes. He opens them again and kisses your head. He thinks in his head-I love you ____- and starts to dream. Like before, Justin taps Zack to switch off. Zack walks off, closing the door slowly, heaing the click. Justin looks at your sleeping face and sighs. He sits by your bedside and whispers,"What are we going to do with you?" He looks at you and chuckles softly. He kisses your head and whispers "I love you. You crazy girl." The moon shines brighter then before and before you know it, Cody comes in and takes Justin's place. He leaves and closes the door slowly,hearing the click. Cody walks toward the window and opens the window a little bit, letting a breeze in. The breeze blows his blonde hair over his eyes, making a shadow on his face. He looks toward you with sad eyes. He reaches into his pocket and takes out a needle and a leaf. He comes toward you and injects the needle into your skin. He pulls up on the suction, draining a little blood from you. He walks toward the window to get light and puts the leaf in the syringe. The leaf stays still for about 2 seconds before the blood vapoizes the leaf from the middle out. He sighs in belief and despair. "I guess it can't be helped." Whispers Cody as he looks toward you. He puts the blood in a same container and back into his pocket. He goes next to you and kisses your head. "I'll help, I'll help you _____." Whispers Cody. He looks at the clock and realizes it's time for him to make breakfast. He closes the window and walks out the room, closing the door slowly, hearing a click. The room is still until a breeze comes through and exits the room.
  5. You wake up to the smell of breakfast. You get up and close the window.(IK Cody closed it, just leave the suspense.) You're about to go downstairs when you hear a ruffling sound. You turn around and realize that it's your dress.You are still wearing the dress from the Ball. (Part 11/12) You go to your closet and get a pair of clothes and head to the shower. ~30 minutes later~ You come out of the shower and put on a ________ and a _________ (whatever you want) You brush through your hair and hum to yourself. You put your hair up in a tight ponytail and start to head downstairs. You reach the bottom where the guys are all watching TV except for Cody. The guys turn around and Zack rushes over to you and picks you up. "Morning Sleepyhead!" Yells Jake. Cody comes out and leans against a wall. He watches as the guys all talk to you and surround you. You smile and laugh and look toward Cody. HE smiles and your smile turns into a scream. He stands up and sees a cloud of smoke coming from behind him."S#!%!" Yells Cody and runs back into the kitchen. He runs back out and yells at Jake,"CONTROL YOUR FIRE!!" You and the guys run in and see a smokey room. You cough while the guys try to air out the room. Jake focuses on the fire and finally puts it out. Cody turns around in exhaustion only to see you in the smoke, but it's not you. This you has glowing gold eyes and long black hair. Cody gets scared but the smoke clears and it shows you with blue eyes as you waterbend some of the smoke out of here. You guys all start laughing but Cody knows there's something wrong with you... But what? "Maybe we should just order in." Suggests Zack. You guys all agree and you look at Cody. You smile and walk out. You guys all go into the living room while Justin orders pizza. You sit down on the couch and start to waterbend water from the pool. The guys watch as it goes at a certain beat. The water bounces up and down and twirls around but Cody doesn't seem amused as he sees flashes of red and gold every now and then but only he can see it. The water passes by Cody's eyes and he looks through it to see your evil self again. The water slows down and he sees a whole picture. He sees you facing off someone and you seem to be winning because the guys are just standing still while the lights flash. You start to walk away but the person you were fighting grabs you and slams you to the ground, hitting your head so hard that the water disappears and so does the picture. You are still waterbending the water when the pizza comes. The guys stand up while Jake takes your hand and hides you upstairs. Cody answers the door and pays the money for the pizza. "You're good!" Yells Justin. You and Jake come down and you all start eating... not knowing what's in store for all of you.
  6. You and the guys all watch TV when you get a chill down your spine. You reach for a blanket and realize that the guys felt the same chill because they all try to warm up. Whether It's from getting a blanket or turning your hands to fire warm balls. "You guys feel that too?" You asked and they guys all nod but stop because they are startled by the slamming of the back door. The slamming doors knock down a few photos. The guys stand up and Zack pulls you toward his side. The guys watch in horror as a black mist forms into the slim body of Troy... ~Hold for dramatic pause~ . .. ... .... .... ...... ....... ........ .......... ........... ......... ....... ....... ...... ..... .... ... .. .
  7. Troy's facial features turn clearer. You all stare in horror as the monster turns non-transparent. "Well! (claps hands) That took forever to get out of there." Says Troy. He pops his neck and knuckles before finally focusing on you guys. "Now." He says as he flicks his hands at the guys. The guys fly against the wall and are clipped there by this weird red things. The guys struggled to get free and when you turned around. You saw Troy looking at you. "Now it's just us. Come here..." Said Troy as he gestures you to come to his side. You shake your head and run to the guys. You start to pull on the red cuffs when you get shocked. You scream in pain and let go. You hear Troy laughing. "Let them go! Right now!" You shout. "Why would I darling? When I can do this." Says Troy. You hear the guys screaming in pain. "STOP! PLEASE! STOP!" Troy stops and sighs. "You're no fun!" Complains Troy. But then he grins,"Oh...OH! You didn't tell them about some of your dreams." Says Troy. You flinch and you can feel the guys eyes burning into your back. You straighten up and glare at Troy. "Why? Why not? Why is this itty bitty part of the story so important? Why do you hide that part?" Asks Troy. "What part? _______? What are you hiding? Questions Zack. You don't turn around to face them. but you keep staring at Troy. He smiles slightly and you know he has something up his sleeve. "Do you want me to tell them? Ooooor do you want me to tell them??" Suggests Troy. He smiles and whispers -The skeletons- He whispers but just loud enough for the guys to hear. "What? What skeletons?" Asks Jake. You flinch and get closer to Troy. "Don't..." You say. The guys flinch and tell you to stop. You just ignore them and now you're within a foot away from Troy. "How about you? You know? You finally dying. But you don't know how you die, do you?" Asks Troy. He walks toward you and whispers into your ear. "I kill you." He says so chillingly. You go wide eyed as you feel his hand on your neck. You feel your body being risen into the air. You struggle to catch your breath before he slams your head into the floor, with a loud crack. Hot liquid warms your head before you fade out.
  8. Troy stands up and starts walking toward the guys. The guys are just staring at your lifeless hand. (They can't see you because of the couch but they can see you hand at the end of the couch.) Troy starts laughing. "She didn't even put up a fight. Stupid girl" Zack screams at Troy, Jake's heat waves start going, and Justin looks like he's about to cry. Troy just stands and takes it all in. But Cody keeps staring at your hand before gasping silently and straightening up. Your hand is no longer there. Justin is the next to see it, he looks at Cody and nods at him. Justin closes his eyes and focuses on the red things on Cody's wrists. They loosen but Cody is staying completely still. Justin looses his as well. Jake and Zack are still to angry to realize what's going on. Just as Justin finishes lossening his red things, the lights get killed. Even though it's the afternoon, the sky is dark. Everyone goes quiet. The lights flash and the guys see someone behind Troy but they can only see the eyes, the eyes of deep gold. The lights go out again and you hear a loud crash and Troy scream. The lights come on again and Troy is on the ground below a huge dent in the wall. There's a girl with long, straight black hair. The lights go out again and Cody and Justin are ripped off the wall and placed down on the couch. The lights come on and Jake and Zack see Cody and Justin off the wall and they see the girl get closer to them, but the hair is covering her face. Troy comes running toward the girl just before the lights go out. You hear a loud thud and what sounds like fighting and another thud. The lights come on and Jake and Zack see the girl against the wall while Cody and Justin fight Troy. The lights go out and Jake and Zack feel themselves being taken off the wall and placed on the couch. They see glowing gold eyes as the lights turn on and a breeze comes in and blows the girl's hair to show your face. But it's not you
  9. Jake and Zack stare into your gold eyes but cannot see you at all. Just before the lights go out Troy grabs your neck. The guys stay completely still and hear a giant thud in front of them. The lights turn on for a shorter time than usual but the guys got to see Troy slammed into the ground and your hand wrapped around his neck. The lights go out. "Justin, go turn on the lights fully. We need to help _______." Justin nods and runs off without interveining on the fight. "So you mean that that girl is _______!?" Asks Jake. Cody nods. The guys look around in the darkness and just hear thumps and scratches. They have no idea where you and Troy are. The lights finally come on and Justin comes back in. The guys look around for you but instead see Troy standing above you. He stares at you then starts coming toward the guys. Jake starts throwing fire at him but it doesn't even reach him. Zack tries pounding the ground to make him fall but nothing happens. Cody tries listening to his thoughts but it's blocked and Justin puts up a force field but Troy just walks through it. The guys start to get scared when Troy falls to the ground, face first. There's a loud thud but you stay steady on his back. You look at the guys with your hair in your face. They are all shocked except for Cody. He looks at you and you start to say something when Troy starts moving. He stands up but you stay steady on his back. He knows your there and starts to fall backward to crush you but you just jump up and land in front of the guys. Troy falls to the ground and groans in pain. The guys look at you when Cody touches your hair, showing little blue bolts of lightning in your hair. The guys stare but you move so fast that you leave an image there after you. Troy starts shooting blue lightning at you but keeps missing. He stops shooting and aims at the guys. You look toward them but don't move. You look back at Troy as he shoots a blue ball toward the guys. You lunge toward Troy, not caring for the guys. There's a big flash then...
  10. ...silence. You look toward the guys and see them standing there. Justin is smiling. You nod toward him and slightly smile. You take Troy down and finally finish him by grabbing his head until you hear a snap. You watch over his lifeless body before he fades into the ground with a red flash. It's silent before Cody starts walking toward you. He touches your shoulder and you turn around. He clears your hair and stares into your eyes. The rest of the guys come running toward you and start talking at once. Cody shuts them up and starts explaining. "This is _____ but the thing is that I knew this was in her. It is kinda like a disease in her head. Jake remember that wall your couldn't heal when she was slammed into the ground at the castle (part 11/12/13). Well it's that wall which makes her appearance change and strength. It's like the time she fought us. (Part 13?) The blue lightning is her water powers mixed with the lightning bolt that went through her (Part 4/5). And the part that makes her just a little evil is the poison that was given to her by force that almost killed her. (Part 2) I tested to make sure I was positive with her blood and a leaf. The leaf evaporated, so that's the posion. It's a good thing though that she wasn't slammed in the head again because that can kill her or damage her big time." (Remember that BTW) The guys stare shocked but it makes sense. They look back at you and your eyes are still gold. "Well how do we change her?" asks Zack. Cody looks at you and for once, looks confused. "You can't change me back, it's up to me. Well It's up to the other me, innocent me to change back. I like this power and may not want to change back." You finally say. Your voice is a little deeper and sounds evil. The guys look sad but nod. You whisper something to Cody and he nods. "Zack, do me a favor and stand behind _____ and hold your arms out, like you are about to catch her." Says Cody. He walks, confused but does what he asks. You start swaying and fall into Zack's arms. The guys rush over to you and lay you on the couch. You are dead asleep. "What did she whisper to you?" asks Jake. Cody looks at Jake and says,"She says she needs to fall asleep and talk to the other ______. She wanted us not to wake her. She said it wouldn't take long." The guys look at you. "It's all up to her." Says Justin.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!! I will defiently make the next one tomorrow!!!!!!
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  13. Until next time.... Enjoy your summer!

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