Tough Romance part 8

Hi! Part 9 is out! So you all wanna see what Richard is gona do? Well lets find out and see! Are you for Jacob, Matthew or do you still like Richard? We'll see!

Hi hope you enjoy the quiz! Don't get angry at me though! Okay hope you enjoy the quiz and comment if you please I don't mind but it helps! Enjoy! =)!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. "Richard?!" You say amazed to see him. "Hi ___" he smiled. He looked as he always did. His chestnut hair(he looks like oyoama) with those smart hazel eyes filled with knowllege. His scholor like clothes and his glasses right on the desk which he looked so cute in! (Like kocobunji from chobits!) "Are you-" your about to say when Richard says "a ghost. Yes I am. I see that the yellow gem broke and you lost your powers." "Just one of them" you say. "No all of them. You see if you loose on of your powers you wont be able to learn the others. Its like a final copy with no rough draft." Richard said. "I'm sorry! I shouldn't have let you died!" You say guilty. You get on your knees with your face in your hands. You start to cry. The walks over to you and picks up your chin. "Its okay. It over and done with. But I didn't bring you here to cry did I?" He said looking at you in the eyes. His hand felt warm and alive as it did before. He let go and showed you his hands. "Though the woman in white said that you lost your power forever. But she needs to do her research like I do...." his hand was cuped and small dust of the previous gem appeared. "If its broken down it doesn't mean that it can't be put back together. No matter how broken it is. It can be put back together." A small glow showed and there showed the yellow gem. "How do you-" your about to say when he smiled and said "We all have a power in us that we never knew we had." He grabbed your necklace and put the gem gently in back in place. "Now your part of your power is unleashed." He said. "But I never helped you find your true love!" You said. "You told me that I needed to spend more time with the girl I like. So I did." He smiled as if remembering a lot of good memories. "You mean Mary?" You say. "He smiled and nodded. "Well I have to get going back. Take care of Mary and my family will you. And when you get your first blow at Lily I'll be there." He started it fade. "Wait I have more questions!" But he was already gone.
  2. You stare right where Richard was. You look at the yellow gem and its glowing. You touch it and you feel the nice warm fire of the study. You see Richard looking through the books as always. He has his glasses on. The study looks like it did before. You let go of the gem and you where back in the small secret room. You leave and the door closes on its own and so does the book shelf. You climb down and slowly the ceiling drops down. You leave and see Mary. She looks at the study and looks at you. "Are you okay Mary?" She nods and says "Did you see it?" she said. "See what?" You asked. "Well I was walking through the garden and looked at the place where that yellow rose always grows at the same place and same time. There was a bud. Then I felt a familar hand on my shoulder. No one was there. I then saw Richard. He picked up the bud and held it in his hand. He out the bud in my hand and says to never get down. I'm always here with you. My love. He cuped my hand and cuped mine in his. The flower bloomed in seconds. It grew the same size as always and the same yellow color...Then Richard disappeared." she said happily. Her eyes watered tears of joy. "Its nice to know that spirits do live on and watch over us...." she smiled for the first time in a while and showed you the rose. "We all have a power in us that we never knew we had..." Richard's voice echoed in your head. Mary left with a happy skip. You smile and walked to your room. The gem glows and sao does your hands. Automatically you gesture your hand at the mirror. It shatters to pieces. Then just ask quickly it puts itself back together.
  3. You smile. "Now how will I find the other's true love..." You think. Then an idea pops up in your head. "The spring night ball! Yes theres bound to be girls there and their true loves have to be there! Its coming in two weeks. Right now I have to get them out of their depression." You think. A knock is on your door. "Come in!" You say. The door opens slightly and there comes in a note. You pick it up and look out your door. No one is there. You read the note. It says "Death was only the first part of it light girl....Lily"
  4. "Whats next?" You say. That night you have a dream that you failed. You dream of everyone you knew being tortured. They suffer right before your eyes. Its so real. You see Lily. "Hello little light girl" She smiles. She grabs a knife and stabs you. But you didn't die. No she wanted you to suffer. Some evil black figures walk to you to feast on your pain, your failure, your suffering. Right when your about to be consumed by darkness a small strike of light hits the figures. You and Lily looked at where it was thrown. There was Richard with a spark of light in his hand. "Do not torture her in her dreams." He said. "Well guess the game has changed. Little light girl is protected by little book boy eh?" She smiled cruely. "_____wake up and complete her duty. I distract her for a slong as I can so she wont be a bother to you for a while." Richard said and he threw a spark of light at Lily. She screamed and did a fume of darkness at him. He blocked it with a sheild of light. "Richard don't!" You say. He did a reasurring smile and you wake up. Its morning.
  5. You walk around the garden thinking again. "So how am I to find their true love?" You think. You walk around and hear a voice in your head. "Dear love comes in many ways. Maybe one's love is already dead and he can't love another..." it said. "Maybe a girl that one of them liked died a long time ago...." You think. You walk around the grave yard. You see a red rose on this one grave. It was new. Or at least it did. You touched the grave and see a vision.
  6. You see a girl with brown hair and yellow brown eyes. She looked beautiful. She had a white small dress. It looked like a night gown. It went down to her thieghs. The sleeves were short and didn't pass her shoulder and she was wearing a red rose. She walked two a strange figure. Then you notice Jacob. She runs to him and does a tackle hug. "Whats wrong?" He asked. "She whispered "A strange girl with red eyes haunts my dreams. Horrible dreams...." she said as she hugged him tighter. "Its okay......I'm here." He kissed her head. "Never let go....please....I'm scared of her. She shows up during the day sometimes too....." she said. "Whats her name?" Jacob asked her. "Lily.....she came here to ruin the royal family for her own game...." she said. "Lily?" Jacob said shocked. "Yes...." The girl said.
  7. After a while the girl went to sleep and Jacob tucked her in with a kiss. He left closing the door behind him. Then dark clouds swirled on the edge of the bed. The girl bloted up and said "What are you doing here Lily?" Lily had her black bows and black dress on with her red eyes. "Just wanted to pay one last visit before I go." Lily smiled. "Okay do you need anything?" The girl asked. Lily disappeared and the girl jumped out of bed. She looked around. Nothing was there. Then Lily popped up behind her. She grabbed the girl by the hair ans whispered in her ear "I want your pain and suffering." Then with a quick stab through the back the girl fell. She was dead. Lily dipped her finger in the girl's blood. "Well you didn't have that much pain in life till now. Not my favorite dish you know. Well see you on the other side." She then disappeared. Jacob came in to check on her in the morning. He brought her some tea. He dropped the tray at the sight of his dead love. He ran to her and cried with her in her arms. Matthew and Richard came in. Richard looked at the stab wound and saw that Lily left her knife. Richard looked at it and wnet to the door. But he whispered something in Matthew's ear. Matthew looked at him and said "She couldn't have done this." Richard nodded "I know you like her but look at what she did to-" the image fadded and you were back in your own time.
  8. You held the rose close to you. You looked at the grave stone. The name was Cassidy Lashe. Then the same girl appeared on the grave stone. "Your the light being right?" she said. You nodded and said "How did you know?" You asked. "Richard told me. He told me you can help me with a message." She said. "You have a message? To who?" You asked. "To Jacob. I see him all the time. He seems happy but I can see that look in his eyes that he misses something. I try to comunicate to him but I just can't get this ghost thing around you know?" She said. "I'm sorry I don't. I'm not dead." You say shaking your head.
  9. You loved Jacob but you know that Lily broke his heart by killing Cassidy. You nodded and say "I'll bring Jacob here." But she says "He can't see me. Only the light being can see me." You nod and say "What do you want me to do then?" The girl said "Go dig next to the old tree. There is a note that I have for him there. He needs to read it..." Cassidy said, "Can you do that for me?" You nodded. You walk to the tree that Jacob kissed you. You dig around the roots. You dig for hours and hours but find nothing. When your about to put some dirty back it starts to rain.
  10. Jacob see's you and runs to you saying "Why are you in the rain?" You say nothing. You just keep digging. "_____speak to me." He grabs your shoulder but you get up and say with water soaking your dress and mud on your hands. "I can't let you go on like this. Cassidy spoke to me. She wanted you to read a note thats buried under this tree and I can't find it!" You say. You look in the puddle forming in the holes and see a wet paper. You reach for it and give it to Jacob.
  11. He reads it and a tear runs down his cheek. "I miss her so much......she spoke to you? She wanted me to read this....." He started crying. "Jacob don't cry. Look I know you miss her and-" you say but Jacob smiles. Its better then any smile you ever seen. "I told her that night that I loved her. I didn't think she heard me. But I guess she did....she even put the name of the place where we met. That day was the happiest of my life........when she died I thought that she was gone for good. But now I know that she's been with me this whole time...." More tears come down his cheek and he said happily "Thank you....and tell her that I love her..." You then saw Cassidy. "I love you too my fuzzy bear!" she said. You repeated what she said. "That was a horrible nickname you know that Cassidy." he laughed. She touched his shoulder in his ghostly form and said in his ear "I know but it goes good with you." He looked like he actually heard it. "I'll always be here my love." she said.
  12. Hi! End of part 8! Part 9 will have a little twists in it! Hoped you enjoyed!

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