Tough Romance part 6

Hi part 6 is here! Sorry it took a while I got kinda busy. So who are you for? Richard the oyoama looking guy with hazel eyes and chestnut hair? Or is it Jacob the Obi wan hair guy with dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes? Or is it Matthew the Noda's hair guy with black hair and green eyes?

Hi. I posted pictures of the guys and how they look like. If you get Richard that Piture is Oyoama so you can get an imagination one how he looks like. Just imagine chestnut hair and hazel eyes and different clothing. An without a gun! The guy is Obi Wan so just imagine your normal Jacob but with that hair and no beard. And the picture for Matthew is Noda. Imagine the same Matthew as you always do but with that type of hair style. So I'll stop talking so you can start reading. So enjoy!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. "Lily is something wrong?" You ask. She looks at you and her bows turn red and her dress turns pink. Her eyes are no longer red and her face showed worry. "Yes, Richard.....I hope he gets better.." She walks away to her room and closes it. "That was weird." You thought to yourself. You walk around the palace and see Jacob looking at the chess table. He was moving the pieces as if thinking of stategies. You walk around the garden thinking of things. "Matthew said thats she was not human. She was also the one who found him. He also never falls in the study. He's not clumsy.Also Lily how she is a nice and sweet and the next moment she not human. Maybe she's a dark being...just like Matthew called. her. It just doesn't make sense!" Then without another thought you go to Matthew's room. He was sitting on his bed writing in his journal. "Matthew what is Lily?" you demanded. You got tired of all of the secrets. "What do you mean?" he asked. "What is she you said that she was a dark being and when I see her clothes are black and her eyes are red! Its creeping me out! So what is she?" you said again. Matthew looked at you and said "she is a dark being for sure. There are many types of dark beings or so Richard says." "Tell me what happened please." You say. Matthew sighed and said "okay I will."
  2. "It all started when one day I was walking in town. Thats when I met Lily. We hanged out more afterwards. We had a lot of things in common. Later we got together and I wanted to marry her. One day Richard saw what you just saw. He looked into it and found out what she really was. I didn't belive him. Then she left all of a sudden. I went out to find her and found out that Richard was right. She was some type of dark being who feeds on pain and sufffering. Then I saw Richard and he told me that they also lure people into traps and torture them into one of them. So they get a new member and have lunch. I was about to get into that trap....." he said. He seemed sad and played with. "But I don't know what her goal back here is for. I'm surprised that mother even let her step foot in the kingdom." You nodded, "so thats why you been quiet. Not because your dad did a big I told you so in front of the kingdom." you said. He nodded and said "all this time I been trying to forget her. But she's like a leach. But what I want to know is why she's here?" Matthew said. You touched his cheek and said "It will work out." Then you gave him a kiss on the cheek and left. You see Lily again and she seems so cheerful and happy. "So our little light girl found out the story eh?" She smiled cruely.
  3. "What do you mean?" you asked. "Your nice and kind! Kinda like light! You also found out about what happened with me and Matthew huh?" she sounded depressed. "Yes and what you do." you said. Lily looked at you and said "People can change you know!" She said. A voice said in your head "don't listen to her enchanting words, for they will be the last you hear..." You looked at her and said "You not human though. Your a dark being." Her cruel smile appeard "He told you that too? Well but he doesn't know everythong about me......Richard was about to find out but too bad that he fell...." she looked at you with red eyes and said "It would really suck if he never wakes up..." "What do you mean?" you say worried. "Aww....little light girl gets worried. Thats so priceless and delishious...." she said as if she ate really good food. "Hurry now.....he wont be around for long..." she then skipped away. "What did you do?!" you say worried as ever. But she just hummed and skipped away. You tell Matthew. You two run to Richard's room and see thats he's fine. Mary was sitting at his side holding his hand. She was telling a story. "Have you heard about the story of the light being? Well what havn't you heard? You read practically every book that comes out. But I think that you might like this one....its about a young prince. He was 3 when his met this one little girl who was was at the market and you bought her an apple. He asked her where are your family? But she had no family. She was abandoned...." you take a breath of relief. "Mary can I ask a favor of you?" Matthew said. Mary turned around as she just notice you two. She said "Sure what is it?" "Make sure Lily doesn't get anywhere near him. Don't give anything that Lily trys to give him. You hear?" Matthew said. "Yes I will!" she said.
  4. You walk in the study. You look where Lily so called found him. It seemed extreamly clean your climb up the floor. When your on the third set of latters you see that he couldn't have tripped. There showed some holds that were chipped. You see that he was pushed by some sort of force. Or someone was shaking the latter. You see that a broken botton was on the third floor. It was the same one that Richard had on his clothing. You touch the bow and see a little vision. (like memories) You see Richard holding a book. The fire place had a small flame. Richard came in and he pulled the book that opened up the ceiling. The ceiling opens and he climbs up. On the third floor he pulls another book. A crack is heard and a book shelf moves forward and to the side. There is a book. It was old and seemed denomic. He carefully held it and mumbled "there has to be something more about Lily, something that I'm missing....." He turns to a certain page and his eyes open up wide as if he realized something very important. He put the book back and the bookshelf covered it. He started to climb down the latter when a mysterious force pulls him down. The fire dies and Richard can't see anything. "What happened. He got up slowly and you see the red eyes of Lily. She smiled cruely and said "Hi Richard, guess you found out everything. As always." Richard held onto the book shelf and said "I should've known why you came back." Lily giggled "You do catch on quickly don't you." "I've been told." he said. "But like the book said.....I feed on pain....." She then did a big punch and Richard is then pushed against one of the book shelfs He feel down and Lily pulled him up by the shirt and said "where is it then?" "I wont tell you. The light being will destory you before you even find out where it is." Richard said. Lily got mad and said "I can't find it? Well did you know that when I feed on pain I see everything that the person knows. Well I want to know and your going to let me know now..." Then she flew up. Her eyes glowed red and she rose her hand. He rose to the hieght of the third floor. "Hopefully your like a cat and land on your feet!" she let go and he fell. She laughed. He did land on his feet and you hear a big crack. He colapsed and moved no more. She cleaned up the books and started the fire again. She looked satified and and pulled the book on the third floor and the book shelf moved. Revealing the book it hid. She grabbed it and out the other book back. She did a happy humm and heared Mary. She then hid the book and pretened to cry. She called Mary and told her "Richard fell from the third floor!-" and she told a fake lie. You go back to your normal time and look at the botton. "She wanted that book!" You said. You check where she hid it but it was gone.
  5. You went to Jacob and Matthew you told them what you saw and the three of you marched to Lily's room. You knocked. No answer. Jacob kicked open the door. No one was in there. You checked the entire room for the book but couldn't find it. You look out the window and theres no trace of her. You leave the room. You look around and see nothing of Lily. "Where did she go?" You say. Matthew said "I'll look out side. Jacob look through the first floor. ____look through the second floor. Okay? Split!" Matthew went outside and Jacob looked around the first floor as you looked through the second floor. You see Lily when your about to give up. She was wearing her black dress(like frea's from chobits) and her black bows. She smiles.
  6. "So little light girl saw what happened." Lily smiled. "What you did to Richard was cruel." You say angerly. "Oh I'm sorry, do you want me to kiss his boo boos?" she sayd in a childish voice(like people to a puppy). "I don't care what your going to do next cause you wont be able to do it because your going to be dead." you said. "But I can't be killed that easyily. Remember our first battle?" She chide. "First battle?" "Aww.....light girl doesn't remember? Its okay maybe this will tick some memories!" she said and black clouds form around her hand making it into a small dagger. She threw it at you. You were about to be stabbed by it when the dagger disappeared and so did Lily. You see Matthew and Jacob come up the stairs. You explain everything that happened and Jacob said "This is worse then I thought. She's grown stronger over the years." Matthew nodded. "We need to stop her." You say. "How?" Matthew asked. "Richard must know something for her to through him down like that!" You reply. "Then that means that we have to wait until he wakes up..." Jacob said. You all grew silent. "See Lily any where run away and tell us okay?" Matthew said to you. Jacob nodded in agreement. "But for now you need some sleep you had a rough evening." Matthew said. You went into your room and went to sleep. You dream of one of the most realistic dreams you ever had.
  7. You dream of running away from Lily. Its raining and your on one of the pillars. She flicks her hand and you fall. You scream but no sound comes out. You look around and everything fades. You see Matthew dead. Jacob is fighting and then stabbed in the heart. You see Mary being consumed by some type of darkness. The queen lays on her bed dead. The King is burned alive and you see your town. Your family is being tortured. You want it all to stop but it doesn't you see everyone you knew have a painful death of everytype and it plays over and over. You hear their painful screams. You hear their heart stop. You see the life in their eyes disappear. And in the background of it all you hear Lily laughing of joy.
  8. You wake up in the morning. You get dressed in a pink dress with flowers on it. Pearls are in your hair and you put on the necklace that Matthew gave you. You hear running outside your door. You open it and see Jacob running with cold water and entering Richard's room. You enter and see Mary rubbing a cold rag on Richard's head. Jacob is pacing around like crazy. Matthew is sitting down on one of Richard's chairs. His head in his hands. His bangs cover his eyes. "What happened?" you asked. "Richard got a high fever all of a sudden. Then he started breathing hard and his pulse is fading away!" Jacob said. You hear the clock ticking. Then the ticking slows down and same with everything else. As if time itself is slowing down. The world around you changes gray. You see small orbs of light where everyone is. Where Richard is suppose to be is a smaller ball of light. It's flickering and slowly fading. You then see a women in white.
  9. You can't see any details of the women in white. But you see her hands and a strange white light replaces her body. Her hand touches the small flickering ball of light it burst and you see a small play of mamories. You see all of Richards mamories in seconds and then it fades into the hand of the strange women. She looks at you. "He was not suppose to die. He had a major part in the up coming event...." "What do you-" your about to say when you feel a great pain. The necklace you have on shows a great beam of light and then the yellow gem that use to be there was now dust. "The powers that you were suppose to gain from helping him are now gone because of Lily. You need those to fight off the darkness." she said sadly. She looks at everyone and disappears. Everything went back at it's own speed and Mary touched his chest. A tear ran down her eyes. "He's dead......."
  10. Hi end of part 6. Sorry it was later then the others. I go busy so hope you enjoyed it! Part 7 will be out!

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