Tough Romance part 5

Hi! Part 5 is here! Who do you choose? Richard the Oyoama looking guy who's smart, clever and sweet with brown hair and hazel eyes and also looks cute with glasses on like Ahikko Kcocbunji from Chobits? Or is it Jacob, the Obi Wan hair guy with dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes, he's funny and hot and nice! Or maybe Matthew, he's still a bit mysterious and secretive with noda's hair thats black with green eyes? Who is it?

Hi! Hope you enjoy th quiz! I think you might like this one! And I found a pretty good song that goes pretty good with this if it was a movie as a youtube video. Super Bass by Nicki Manji! Play it and think of all the good times with the guys! Its a good song! Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. You wake up the next day. You get dressed in a light yellow dress. It's design was nothing really. It was smooth and silky and not poofy. It was nice and soft. You put on your dimond earings and you put on your flower necklace. Your slippers were a little big on you but you didn't care. You still can't decide who you really love. Richard is so nice and sweet(and looks like oyoama from angel beats) and cute even with his glasses. But there is also Jacob. He's funny, hot, and just makes you laugh your heart out. But theres Matthew. Your getting to know him more and more by the day. He's sexy, like poetry, and is just special. "Who do I choose...." you think to yourself"
  2. You walk down stairs and bump into Mary. Her eyes show that she's been crying. "Mary whats wrong?" you ask. Her long white hair was droopy and her purple eyes were red with saddness and anger. She was young and pretty. To see her crying just made you want to find out whats wrong. "Just nothing! I was cutting onions! Thats all." she said forcing a smile. She walked around you and bumped into Richard. She looked at him and just walked fastly around him. You thought that you just heard a small sob from her. "Whats wrong with Mary?" Richard asked. You look at him and say "I don't know." "Oh here I found a new type of a peotry book. Its a new author and its really good. I saw you and thought that you might like it." He said handing a book to you. "Thanks Richard." you grabbed it and walked down the stairs. Richard went back to his study and closed the door. Then you saw Lily. Today she was wearing a big round skirt dress made out of feathers. Her blouse showed a new design that you havn't seen but you can't see it. She had a bows in her hair, a big one around her waist, two on both of her wrist and on her neck. "Hi Lily!" you say. She smiles and says "Hi _____, hows your morning?" "Its going well I guess. How about you?" you reply. "Can we have a girl talk? Just you and me?" she asked. You nodded. You to walked to your room and locked the door. You sit on the bed and asked "what is it?"
  3. Lily looks at you and ask "what would you do if you love someone and someone else is in the way?" You looked at her and said "Probably get rid of them. Not kill them but block them out." You say starting to get suspicious. "How exactly would you block them out?" she asked. You thought and a nice kind voice spoke in your head saying "Don't answer, it will become your death..." but you pushed it away and said "I dunno probably spend more time with the person and get them distracted or something." Lily smiled and said "Thanks ____. That helps a lot." she turned around and walked to the door and stopped. "It sure helps a lot..." you could tell she was smiling. As if she remembered a joke.
  4. She leaves and you have an uneasy feeling about something. You try to shrug it off but it doesn't go away. You leave amd eat breakfest. The Queen and King had to leave for a vary important meeting in the other Kingodm, so they wont be in for about a week. The boys stayed with the responsiblity of keeping an eye on the kingdom. You and Mary have your daily tea time. Lily see's you guys and ask "can I join you?" she smiled. Mary nodded. She poured herself a cup. "So hows your guy's day?!" she said cheerfully. Mary looked around and put down her tea cup forcfully. "I can't stand it any more!"She got off and stomped away furiously. Richard saw you guys and joined you but he didn't have a cup of tea. "_____ can I ask you something?" he said. "Oh no I'm sorry Richard! I love you to death but I'm confused! Im sorry but I know that you trying to kiss me that day. Just don't bring up that subject please! I'm just confused....." you blurtted out. Richard looked at you with kind eyes. "I was going to ask you a question that day." he said. "What don't tell me that you love me..." You mumbled. "I like you ____ but not in that way." he said. You look at him feeling stupid. "What were you going to ask me?" you say now wanting to listen. "But you are right I have a little crush on someone and I was going to ask you how to get to know her more. That was all." Richard didn't smile. His face was expressionless and you realized that he was serious. You take a sip and say "well take her out to town or something. Spend time with her." You said. Richard nodded and said "thank you _____" he got up and left with his mind deep in thought. "How do you do it?" Lily asked. "Do what?" you ask. "How do you just make people really think about a silly little matter like love?" "Well love isn't the ordanary little matter. Its something more. A mother loves her child and will sacrafice her life for the child. If you were married and could choose falling down a cliff to save your love. Or if they are going to do it but you do it instead. Its just something that you'll sacrafice your life for the person you truely love." You say. Lily nods and leaves "Thanks for the tea." she smiles and walks away. You go to sleep. The next day everyone see's the flyer for the carnavil coming in town. Your excited because they have a ride called the farras wheel. You see it out of you window and get ready as quickly as you can. You put on a purple gown that sparkles with a little flowery head band. You have a silver locket. You run down stairs and see that everyone is leaving for the carnivel.
  5. You all go to the carnivil. Theres games, and theters, acts and there in the center is the brand new invention. The ferris wheel. You all stay together for a couple of minnutes of walking then you realized that you lost Lily, Mary and Richard. You left with Jacob and Matthew. You three play games and Jacob won you a new hat. You rode on the ferris wheel twice with both of them and have a great time. Then Jacob ask you if you want to ride it agian. But Matthew says "its getting late." But you do want to ride it. You want to ride with Jacob and Matthew. After a small little argument you say "I'll just go on by myself." You walk away and get in line which was not long. Next thing you know your at the top. You look at the sun as it slowly fades away behind the clouds. The once blue sky turned orange then to dark blue. The stars look a little bit brighter then before but they still seemed depressed. You look down and see Richard with Mary. They were smiling and laughing. The you realized that they liked each other. "So thats who he was talking about." He was talking about Mary. Her beautiful purple eyes sparkle in the midnight sky. Like they were stars but more brighter. Her white silky hair looked like silver in the night sky. She just turned 16 not too long ago. Richard was about to turn 17. He seemed happy with her. Then you whisper to yourself. "the small yellow flower has just found it's little silver bee..."
  6. The next day you and Matthew walk around town. You look through the windows and as you pass the chess club you see Jacob learning chess. He seemed so focused that it made you and Matthew laugh. You look at a jewlery shop and see the most beauitful necklace you ever seen. It had three jem stones. One red, one blue and one yellow. They looked beauitful. It was even on sale. It use to be for 200,000 rubies but now it was barely 50 bronze coins. "Hey what is this?" you asked the shop owner about it. He was an old man who reminded you of a pirate (to be more specific he looks like hectar the pirate. You know the one with the monkey)He was bald and had a suit on. His teeth were not so pretty. He looked at the necklace and said "this has a little mythological history. They say that it use to belong to a being of light. She wore this necklace. Each gem stands for a each man she loved. But she never married them. Because she was only with them to stop the evil being tearing them apart. They say that whenever she helped them find their true love one of the gems get fill with light and part of her power is unleashed. When all of her power is released she destorys the evil being and disappears." You look at it. "But that story is older then my great great great grandfather's teeth!" he continued. "Many had tried to look for her but it was like she never exsisted. But its just a story. I thought that the red gem was a ruby but it was something else. People said that the gems are new minerals or rocks or something those so called scintist people just confuse me more." He shook his head.
  7. You liked it. You also felt like you reconized it. It was beautiful but something about the story was awfully familiar. Matthew saw how you liked it and bought it for you. You thanked him and spent the rest of the day together. You had a wonderful time. You returned to the palace and you see Mary crying. "Mary whats wrong?!" you asked. Jacob and Matthew saw her and asked the same thing. "Rich Richard...he fell...." she said. "fell what do you mean?" Matthew asked. "He fell from the third floor of his study...." Mary said. "Third floor? There is no third floor to that." Jacob said. "There is a third floor and its pretty high." You say. "Lily found him on the ground." Mary said. He broke his leg.....I'm surprise that he survived that type of a fall." You all enter his room and see him laying in bed unconsious. Lily was next to him. "What happened?" you ask Lily. Lily said "I was walking to the study to ask for some ink and I saw him on the ground bleeding. His legs are broken. I think he may have tripped or something and landed on his legs." Lily said scared. Mary walked in and bursted down in tears and a doctor came in. He check Richard and said "yup, his legs are broken. He's pretty lucky to have survived." he said. "Is there anything we can do?" Mary asked. "Just make sure that he has enough water." The doctor said and left.
  8. You leave the room to yours. You sit on the desk and think "He didn't trip. He never stands that close to the edge unless if he's going down." You go to sleep wondering of what might have happened. You wake up and get dressed in a green dress that was a little bit poofy on the skirt. The sleeves went only to your shoulder and you put on the necklace that Matthew bought you. You walk out and see Marying going to Richard's room with water. You meet Matthew in the game room you hear him say "How could I not know about my own brother? I knew that stayed in that study but I didn't know that it had that many levels. How could I have ignored him...." he sounded depressed again. You walk to him and hug him. "Its okay. He'll be alright...." he hugged you back and you stayed like that for a while. "Thanks" he said. He let go.
  9. You kiss Matthew on the cheek. "It wasn't your fault. Don't beat yourself." you say. "I hope your right." he replyed.You walk away and see Lily. She was wearing a black dress(one that looks like frea's from chobits) she had all black bows where she usually have them. He eyes were red and she was smiling to herself cruelly. "Its all going perfect...." She did a creepy giggle. "Just perfect..." her voice echoed.
  10. Hi everyone! Thats the end of part 5! I know I know you guys hate me for ending at a part where it gets you stareing at the computer more but part 6 will be out soon!

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