Tough Romance part 11 Big fanale!


Those songs are all perfect and yes I listen to random music all the time! Hope you enjoy and have a nice day/night! Comment! Please I wanna know what you think!

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. You and everyone split up to search the castel for Lily. In the distance you hear the clings and clashes of Richard and Jake sword fighting. You can't find Lily and who knows how long Jake can keep Richard occupied. "Its my fault. If he didn't die and I could just get my powers quicker he would never have been tortured into joining Lily. His light would have never been taken away. He's not him. He's just a host for some dark being controlling his body while he tryed to fight back. If only I wasn't so caught up in my own life I could have saved his...." You thought. Tears started to swell up when you just thought of everything. Then you shook your head. Blinking the tears away. "I can't think of that now. I gotta find Lily. You saw her. Anger filled your body. You were about to do a ball of light at her but the voices in your head said "You'll fail if you fight her. She turned Richard for a reason. So whenever you use your powers she gets stronger and you'll just get weaker. You failed....." They said. "No I couldn't have failed! I have to keep on working at it. That means I have to get Richard back to normal! But How do I do that?" You turn around and Lily said "Where do you think your going little light girl?!" She laughed.
  2. You run and she disappears. You hear her laughter ring in your ears. Its cruel and so non-human. You run through the halls and you almost bump into the fighting of Richard and Jake. Richard's great agility and quick attacks would make any ordinary knight dead in seconds. But the knight he was fighting was no ordinary knight. It was Jake. With Jakes quick moves and blocks he can easily beat any ordinary opponent. They were a perfect fighting match together. You saw Richard's eyes. They had no puples. It was just plain darkness. There was no nice sparkle in them they weren't Richard's eyes.(Watch this one video on youtube and type in altimate sacerfice. Skip off to Oyoama's time to die. And he gets hipnotized by Ayato Naoi *picture of him is on my profile* and you see Oyoama's eyes change. Imagine that with Richard's eyes.) He was about to beat Jake when Mary came in and just hugged him. "What are you doing?" Jake asked confused.
  3. "What are you-" Richard was about to say when Mary said "Richard. I know your in here somewhere. I want you back. I want to see the Richard I know. The one that I grew up with, the one with the three extra floors in the study...The one who told me on the ferris wheel 'we all show a differnt side of us to certain people but the paople we love....thats who we show our true selfs to.....I want my Richard....I want the Richard who's sweet....nice, Jacob all the time in chess......the one who kissed me that one night years ago.....the one that I fell in love with. Not this twisted controlled Richard.....the one that I want to spend the last of my life with...." Mary hugged him tighter and he dropped his sword to hug her. His eyes went back to normal. Light glowed in them. The sword turned to his silver sword with the yellow head. Just like in the picture. He was back to his old self. "I love you Richard..." Mary said. She smiled. Richard smiled also and said "I love you...." Then right before your eyes they just disappear. You a yellow and pink rose left behind. One was Richard's for sure. The other one looked like it belonged to Mary. The voices in your head said "They both moved on....they moved on into the light...." You see a quick vision of them having a little marrige in a little heven like place. You smiled. Richard said "Good luck with Lily!" He said. You nodded and came back to reality.
  4. Jake smiles and says "Well guess they moved on. Now lets go kill a evil girl shall we?" You smile and look all over the catel for Lily again. You then see Jacob trying to fight her off. "Jacob! Let me help you!" You say. "Its okay ____. I feel her calling me anyways." He smiled. "Who?!" You asked him worried. "Cassidy..." He did one stab at Lily she looked at him adn her eyes glowed. "This is what you get pretty boy!" She was about to through a dagger at him when a force of light stopped it. You see Cassidy appear as she held the dagger. "Lily your years of torture ment on my love are over!" She snapped her fingers and the dagger got taken over by light. She gave it to you and said "That blade has the powers of all light on the other side. Combined with your powers it should kill her." Cassidy explained. Lily heard what she said and disappeared. Cassidy looked at Jacob and said "Oh my fuzzy bear..." she touched his shoulder and he could see her. "You been through a lot, me dying, your brother dying....I found out that you only will just get hurt your entire life......but I found out how you will die...." Jacob looked at her. A tear went down his cheek and she smiled and said "I love you.......I remeber meeting you....I loved to feel your warm touch......I loved to just sit there and hug you.....I just loved to be with you all the time......I found a way how we can...Jacob do you want to be with me?" Cassidy asked. Jacob looked at her and said with a tear rolling down his cheek "Yes.....I want to be with you......I love you...." He hugged her and they both disappeared. What was left was a red rose and a purple one.
  5. You see a vision and see Cassidy and Jacob ruling the entire kingdom together. You smile. You then run out side to look for Lily. You look everywhere and can't find her. You see Matthew and Jake in the garden. "Did you find her?" You ask. Its raining really hard. "What happened with everyone?" Matthew asked. You shrugged. They all just disappeared in thin air!" You say. You look around and hear thunder. You see Lily up and floating. "Guess you got everyone to pass on into the light eh?" She said. This time she wasn't smiling. "Come down here and fight!" You yell. She smiled when you said fight. "Okay!"
  6. You jump in the air and do a light strike through your air kick. Lily doged it but it turned around her and hit her in the back. She does her fumes of darkness at you and you divided it with a clap of your hands in front of you. She comes down and does a kick at you.
  7. "Some girls huh?" Jake said amazed as you and Lily fight. His eyes were wide with amazement and Matthew just stares with shock and a amazement combined "Uh huh..." He shook his head and they looked at each other. "Who knew that girls can be so....." Matthew was about to say when Jake finished his sentence by saying "So ferosious. She's your girl right?" Jake asked him. Matthew nodded. "Better keep that girl satified you hear? Because if you break her heart it will be either me or her who is gona stab you in your sleep. Mostly it would be her.." Jake said. "Thanks for the warning" Matthew said. "No problem..." He said as they watched you fight Lily.
  8. Lily does every dark magic that she can think of on you. But your too powerful. You hear everyone that disappear say with the voices in your head say "Now through the dagger!" You do and it hits Lily in the heart. She looked at you as balls of light went through her. Light glowed from her mouth. You saw Richard, Jacob, Mary and cassidy in their ghostly forms. You see the women in white and they have their hands face towards Lily. With a quick swing back to their chest Lily burns away from their light powers all combined in that singel dagger. They turned to you. They smiled and waved good-bye. You waved back and red, yellow, pink and purple roses are left behind where they were standing. The gems on your necklace slowly disappear. Then once they were gone the necklace itself broke and turned into ashes. Matthew and Jake walk to you. You all hear Mary's voice echo. "Never give up in who you love." Then You hear Richard's and he says "Don't worry. No matter how many pieces things break. In time it can be put back together." Their voices fade away snd you hear Cassidy say "Enjoy your lives!" Then you hear Jacob say "We'll all see you guys later. On the other side okay? But don't come right away okay you guys. We'll watch you guys. Well..." Then you hear them all say in unity "Farewell!"
  9. You look around and see that the rain had stopped for a while and you haven't noticed. You smile and look at Matthew. He hugs you and Jake touches your shoulder "Now don't kill him yet ____. You haven't gotten married!" Then he starts talking about how you two look good together and that you guys should get married. You laugh and Matthew looks scared when he starts talking about kids. "Jake is that what you want?" Matthew asked. Jake laughed and Matthew laughed sarcstically "No really man is that what you want?" Matthew said al serious. Jake says "No! This is all for you and ___!" Then he starts continuing on when you says "Jake is that what you want with a girl? Don't lie." Jake said saddly "Yes I do but I'm not getting married! This is about your future!" He continues on when Matthew says "Okay Jake can you stop? Your starting to scare me...." You laugh and say "So you don't want that type of happy excitng life with me?" "No I do but ____. He's scaring me by talking about kids and getting married and he's even talking about grandchildern! GRANDCHILDEREN!" You laugh and Jake says "Well if your gona have a life with someone then you gotta plan right? Its not bad for planning to early right? Am I right? Come on you gotta agree with me on this. Its not that bad really!" Matthew then says "Then why don't you do it hot shot?" Jake then says "Cuz I havn't found my girl you-" Matthew interupts saying "Then go out looking for her in the rose garden!" "Of really? Thats a challenge I just want to let you know I take on a lot of challenges!" He runs to the rose bushes and says "Okay lets have a girl pop up!" He goes on and on and you just laugh.
  10. Hi so thats the end of the entire series! Hope you enjoyed and I'm gona be working on a new story! So be on the look out for "Its all in the dress girl"! Have a wonderful New year! Happy 2012!

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