Tough Baseball Trivia

I can guarantee that this quiz is impossible to ace in the first attempt, or without using google. I would like to wish you good luck, but let's be honest. Luck will get you nowhere

Every single question comes from my memory. None of these questions were looked up. They all came from memory. Let's see if you can them right. It will be just about impossible to get ALL of them right, but hey, with God all Things Are Possible!

Created by: Jonathan Armstrong

  1. What is the highest on-base percentage in a single season?
  2. I asked what was the highest, now WHO had the highest on base percentage in a single season?
  3. 2nd to the Yankees, which team has won the most World Series?
  4. Name the last hitter to hit for a batting average of .400 in a single season in the National League
  5. Nolan Ryan had 7 no hitters, the most all time. Second place has 4 no hitters. Who is in second place?
  6. What is the least amount of hits ever recorded in a Major League game that had a winner?
  7. Name the only pitcher to throw 2 no hitters in consecutive starts
  8. Which Player listed below has the lowest career batting average while being a Hall of Famer?
  9. Name the only year where both MVP awards were won by pitchers
  10. Name the last person to win 40 games in a single season
  11. Name the last pitcher to strikeout 300 batters in a single season
  12. And now the last question. Name the last player to lose part of the season due to military service

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