The Impossible quiz

Hello, welcome to the Impossible quiz, in this quiz trivia and math are in here, it's simple but impossible. You will fail, there's no way to win.....

Really, you're not going to listen? Too bad prepare for failure, I would wish you luck but I want all the luck I can get from you, have fun, and don't say I didn't tell you so.

Created by: Mr. Impossible

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  1. Are you ready?
  2. In ____ Columbus sailed the ocean
  3. What rhymes with blue?
  4. What is 4/3?
  5. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=
  6. A man enters a town on Friday and leaves three days later on Friday, how?
  7. 2(3+4)+ 2(1+0)+2(0+1)=
  8. If 2A=3B and A=X, B=Y, then what is 4X equal to?
  9. True or False 2+3=4
  10. 2/2=1?
  11. The word 'orange' rhymes with what?
  12. 4+4=?
  13. Who did Alan Rickman play as in Harry Potter?
  14. Meaning of life?
  15. First President's name
  16. 26th Prsident?
  17. 16th president?
  18. 10th president?
  19. 1st state?
  20. Last state?
  21. Batman's buddy?
  22. 9+9=?
  23. Author of The Hobbit
  24. How many states?
  25. Biggest country?
  26. Biggest state?
  27. How old is our country?(as of 2015)
  28. longest word ever?
  29. What has two words but has millions of letters?
  30. what was the first question?
  31. 2+2=?

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