Too Young For Love, Yeah Right (part 3)

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Another part of my series is out and the drama just started. You were at when Nathan finished kissing you and Dante, Adam saw you. Hope you enjoy this part of my story!

Another part of my series is out and the drama just started. You were at when Nathan finished kissing you and Dante, Adam saw you. Hope you enjoy this part of my story! i'm really hungry right now I'm gonna get some pie

Created by: Nialler34

  1. Crap you thought what's Adam and Dante going to say to you now do they hate you or SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!! You think to yourself. Its pretty much like a staring contest everybody is staring at each other with blank nothingness. Then finally Adam says something "Hey people what did I miss?" he said that like he saw nothing and nothing just happened. "Oh nothing much" Nathan says. "Cool, cool" Dante says. "Yeah, uh, nothing" you say. Then after that an awkward silence occurred. Once again Adam is the one to speak up "Yo, who wants to get some sushi tonight?" then Nathan said "Count me in." "I guess I'll go to" you say. You heard nothing from Dante then Adam walked over to him and clapped in his face "DUDE! WAKE UP! YOU IN TO GET SOME SUSHI!" Then Dante shakes his head "Yeah, I'm in." Then Nathan coughed a little bit but you could tell it was fake. You four were standing again the wall of the main school building. Then Nathan gradually got closer to you. "So when and where we going to get sushi?" you ask. "Umm tonight at 7:30p.m at That Sushi Place" Adam said "I love That Sushi Place" Nathan says. "Me too" Dante said quietly. "Bro, is there something wrong with you or what?" Nathan asks Dante. "No, Nathan absolutely nothing is wrong" then Dante walks off and starts playing football like normal. "God, I wonder who pissed in his cheerios" Adam says. Then you and Nathan started laughing. Then you look off to the side and see Kevin walking towards you. "OMG Kevin is back!" you yell so loud you make Nathan and Adam jump. "______, guess who is back" Kevin says "Umm is it Rihanna" you say "No silly its me" Kevin says "Oh, I almost got it right" then Kevin starts giggling. Then you look at Nathan and he is staring at Kevin with that murderous look in his eyes. "So, did I miss anything special?" Kevin asks. Then you could hear Nathan laughing in the background. "No, nothing much just umm yeah nothing" you say trying not to laugh "Hey _____, I wanted to know if you wanted to come that ice cream place after school" then Nathan speaks for you "She's already going somewhere after school, so her answer is no" Nathan got really serious while saying that. Then the bell rang for school starting. You hugged Nathan because you didn't have 1st period together with him and Kevin looked upset.
  2. You did have 1st period with Kevin though and on your way there you decided to talk to him "Hey Kevin, I know I have plans for tonight but I'm free this weekend you want to go then?" right when you said that Kevin's face suddenly got brighter. "Yeah I'd like that see you then" he said "Yeah see ya then" after that you got into class and sat in your seat next to Adam. "Hey girl!" Adam yells at you "Hey guy!" you yell back "Shhh" Mrs. Shriver yells at you two. Mrs. Shriver walks up to the front of the class and explains todays lesson. You pretty much tuned her out because one of the hottest guys in the school was sitting next to you but your were pretty sure he didn't like you as much anymore. When she finished she handed you a paper about what she just talked about. Then Adam taps on your hand "Can you help me with that question and that one and that one, pretty much the whole paper. I wasn't really paying attention" then he gives you a flirty smile. "I wasn't paying attention either so the answer is no" you say. Then Adam starts writing no on the first question on the paper. "I didn't mean that answer" you say "Oh well, it could be write" Adam says "Possibly, possibly you could be right" you say. Then you write no on the first question too. "Ha, see I was right" Adam says poking your shoulder. "Possibly I just copied" you say "Sure." Adam says. After a while with silence and working on your paper Adam randomly says "Are you dating Nathan?" you look at him weirdly "Why, are you gonna fight him to if I say yes" he gives a little laugh "I'm not sure about that yet but answer my question" Adam says raising his eyebrows. "I don't know" you say "What do you mean you don't know?" he says "I mean I don't know" you say again. "You were making out with him this morning and you ditched with him on Friday so" He says with a frustrated voice. "How do you know I ditched with him on Friday only one person knows about that?" you ask him. " A little birdie told me" "Does the little birdie have a name?" you ask. "It doesn't matter, you don't know, you don't know" Adam says. "You still in for sushi tonight?" he asks "Yeah" you say "Cool beans" Adam says. Then the bell for 2nd period rings. You leave without saying another word to Adam.
  3. Once again 2nd hour was a bore and so was 3rd. YAY! Lunch! Then while walking to the cafeteria you see Dante and he see's you. "Hey you ready to eat!" Dante says to you. "No, eating is for losers" you say back "Really" his happy face goes away. "No, eating is for the awesomest people in the world!" you say. Then Dante counts to 3 and you both yell "HOORAY!!!" then you walk into the cafeteria laughing. "You and Dante get in line to eat when Drake and Marie join you to, waiting. "Do you like bacon flavored pie?" Drake asks Dante. "No, but I like pie flavored bacon, there is a big difference" Dante replies "That is the bombdiggidy, yo" Drake says with a huge smile on his face. "That is some true fashizzle" Dante says. "Are you guys speaking some kind of different language or something?" you asked confused "No, we are speaking a different kind of English" Drake says. "Same thing!" you say back "NO! Its very different" Dante says. "Whatevs, just stop talking like that" you say annoyed "Fine" Dante and Drake say at the same time. Then Adam walks over and says to all of you "Yo yo yo what up my peeps" then Dante and Drake start laughing while you are giving a death stare. "Don't talk like that dude somebody might get mad and cuss us out" Dante says "Gosh. Oh look here comes Nathan" then Nathan walks over and say "Whats crack-a-lack-in home dawgs?" then everybody but you starts laughing. "OMG did I miss something about language?" you say "What?" Nathan asks. "Nothing, just nothing" you say "Oh okay." Then finally Marie says something "Why don't we all eat at the same table?" that's what you were thinking but didn't say anything because you all were in different cliques at the moment. "Yeah" Nathan says "Fashizzle meaning sure" Drake says "Bombdiggidy mean hell yeah!" Dante says "Why not what could go wrong" you say normally
  4. Then you all got your lunches and sat down. Drake and Marie sat next to each other. You sat at the edge of the table, Nathan was sitting next to you. "Hey Marie and Drake you guys want to join me, Nathan, Dante and _____ at That Sushi Place tonight at 7:30 p.m" Adam asked. "No thanks I'm allergic and Marie has her own special reason why she doesn't eat sushi" Drake said "What your special reason Marie?" Dante said "Well, once I was like really hungry and I lost the key to my house so I was walking around during the day and I saw this homeless guy selling sushi so I bought some then after I finished eating it soon after I got like really sick." Everybody started laughing even Marie. When Adam was laughing he started choking on his fries and then spit it out on Drake's shirt. Then Drake gave him a weird look and Adam apologized. "Really, Marie, really?" Nathan said. "Yeah, true story and I vowed that I would never eat a single piece of sushi ever again" Marie said then everybody said "Wow." "Speaking of the devil" Adam said "Wait, we weren't talking about the devil?" you said. "Its an expression, I think, but look who's coming." Then everybody looks where Adam was pointing and you could see Lexi walking to our table "Everybody shhh" Dante said. Then Lexi walked over to Nathan and said "You want to go out with me?" Then everybody's mouth opened and Marie started staring at me to see my expression. "No, thanks" Nathan said. Then she stormed of stomping and then for no reason everybody started laughing.
  5. "Did you see the bow Lexi was wearing she was just trying to hide her devil horns" Nathan said and then everybody started laughing except Marie. Adam started laughing really hard and Drake said "Don't spit your food on me" really seriously. Then the teacher told us all to go outside for recess. "What if we don't want to go outside" Marie whispered "What did you say young lady?" the teacher asked "Nothing m'am" Marie said "Don't sass me girl" the teachers says then Marie just walks out with Drake holding her hand. Then Kevin appears out of nowhere "I'm moving to a different school and I'm upset" Kevin said "What that is tragic" you say. "I know" he tries to grab your hand but Nathan "accidentally" runs into the middle of you two. "Your moving that's sad, oh well c'mon _______ " then Nathan drags you outside into the parking lot. When you get out there you see Drake and Marie making out. "Wow, they must really like each other do you think they can breath?" you say "I don't know but apparently they can breath if they can do it that long" Nathan says. "C'mon I feel weird just watching them" you grab his arm and drag him across the parking lot. "I was having fun watching them" Nathan says "Really?" you say "No, I thought it was kinda stupid" he says "Oh, I thought you really meant it, that would be really weird" you say back "No kidding" then Adam runs out of the cafeteria and immediately see's you and Nathan "Did you see Drake and Marie?" Adam asks "Yes" you and Nathan see at the same time. You laugh a little bit. Then the bell rings for 4th period "Bye guys" you say to Nathan and Adam they both say bye and you go to 4th period.
  6. Aaahh 4th period was so exhausting. You had P.E but nobody called it that everybody called it Gym. Dante had that class with you. When you two were running a mile outside on the track field he runs up to you and said "You look cute when your sweating" then he gives you a flirty smile. "Umm, thanks" you say while wiping your sweat with the jacket you were wearing. "Welcome, hey I'm sorry if this ticks you off a little bit but are you dating Nathan?" Dante says then you get that annoyed look on your face but you manage to say"No, I mean, I don't really know, but, well, umm, I guess we aren't" then Dante gives you that look like he's totally confused "So thats a no?" "Yes, thats a no I guess." then he runs off to finish he mile but you finish it soon after he finishes it. Then you sit down on the grass next to the track field. You see Dante walking up to you "You want to go out with me then if your not already going out with Nathan?" You freeze after he says that because you were like whoa! "Umm Dante I'm not looking for a relationship at the moment, I'm really sorry" you say while Dante gives you that sad, disappointed look "So wait, you would make out with Nathan and then ditch with him and you two aren't dating! Then when I try to ask you out you say no!" He yells that so loud everybody else who was done with there mile was staring at you. "Dante, could you please calm down?" you ask him very quietly. "NO, I WONT CALM DOWN I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU AT ALL!" then after he yelled that once again. The gym teacher came over and had a small talk with him and then Dante started walking towards the main building. "What was that about?" a blonde haired girl Lisa asked you "I really don't know" you reply "All the guys are crazy about you, aren't they?" Lisa says. "I guess I'm thinking about going to a different school but I really don't want to go" you say "No, don't go, if you go everybody will miss the drama that is going on" Lisa complains shaking her hands. "Well, with knowing that info I won't go" then the gym teacher says "Lets go back into the locker room 5th period will be starting soon?"
  7. Seventh grade drama. Who invented drama? Who invented boy drama? Who invented boy and girl drama? You think to yourself while doodling in your 5th period class which was art. None of the boys had this class with you so it was quiet. Kevin had moved you had heard from the devil and the devil claimed she was dating him too. Well whatever Kevin can have the devil all to herself. You also heard Dante had gone home with a terrible headache. You wondered if you had caused that. You seemed like a jerk then but you didn't know if Dante was ever going to talk to you even again, but possibly not. Boringness and depression filled the room. Luckily the bell for 6th hour rang and you thought to yourself at least Nathan is in that class. When walking to the class you saw that person who you thought was a stalker watching you again. He see's you and runs off. You decide to follow whoever it was. You saw his silhouette run inside the main building but you were too late to catch up with him. The bell rang for 6th period to start.You were late. You grabbed all your stuff that you dropped when trying to catch the stalker. When you walk into class Mr. Campbell is lecturing about World War 2 then he see's you and ask for an explanation. You ask him if you could whisper it in his ear but he tell you to tell that whole class why you were late. You take a look to see Nathan and Marie staring at you. Then you take a deep breath and say "I saw somebody watching me while I was walking here and I decided to follow them but I wasn't fast enough and then he/she ran into the main building" Gaping faces were watching you then Mr. Campbell said "Take a seat and I will inform the office about this incident. You take your seat next to Nathan and he passes a note to you "Who do you think it was?" You read it and write on it "Don't know but I'll explain more later" After you pass it back he nods his head gently.
  8. The day ended and you, Adam, Dante, and Nathan meet by the main building "Yo, my peeps we all going to That Sushi Place tonight at 7:30" Adam says. "Yup" Nathan says "Whatever" Dante says probably still having an attitude about what happened in Gym "Yeah" you say gleefully. "K, see you people later" Adam says and starts walking to his house. "See you later then everybody" Dante says walking away with Adam. "Bye ____, see ya later" Nathan says "Adios" you say walking off. When you get home you tell your parents about That Sushi Place and they say you can go.
  9. When you got there all three boys were there waiting. You walk in a sit at a random table. Then some dude in a fancy outfit asks what we want to eat "I'll have a California Roll you know the thing with seaweed and sounds weird" Adam says "I'll have what he's having" you say pointing at Adam. Then Nathan and Dante want California Rolls too. The fancy waiter dude gives us our food then Adam starts a conversation "Hey Nathan, my man" "What dude" Nathan says. "You dating _____?" then you looked over at Dante who had that angry look on his face. "No, dude we are just friends" Nathan says. Okay so we are just friends you think to yourself. "Sure, man whatevs you say" Adam says winking. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY OBVIOUSLY LIKE EACH OTHER!"Dante says yelling. "Dude calm down" Adam says "Why should I?" Dante says. After that Dante gets so mad he throws his sushi at Adam. "What the hell Dante!" Adam yells. Then Adam throws his sushi at Dante. "You wanna start something!" Dante yells. "Guys, guys, guys" Nathan says getting between them. "Stop fighting we've already gone through this situation!"
  10. Then the owner of That Sushi Place tells you and the guys to get out of "His" restaurant. "Well, that was interesting" you say. "No" Adam says sarcastically. "_____, I'm sorry I've been acting weird and rude" Dante apologizes. "Its okay, Dante" you say. "Now what are we gonna do we were supposed to eat there for like another hour?" Nathan says. "IDK" Dante and Adam say. "Who wants to go to my house and hang for a while?" Nathan says "ME!"you all yell.
  11. Once again another part ended. Who do you like?

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