Think that YOU know the smallest fact about Six Flags Great Adven

There are many smart people, and half of them probrobly would get an F on this test! Lets see how many true geniuses there are out there... I think I see one... O, wait, thats me!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

Are YOU 'Know-It-All' of Six Flags Great Adventure? I am challenging you to take my quiz, smarty pants! CoMe On iN! My questions are waiting!!! HAHAHAHA! Think you can pass?

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  1. What was the new GAME Six Flags Great Adventure added in the 2007 'on' season? (NOT including arcade games)
  2. How many roller coasters were started to be TAKEN DOWN twords the end of the 2007 season?
  3. What is the VERTICLE ANGLE of El Toro's FIRST drop?
  4. What is the 'Blue Parrot?' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (*FLAT RIDES are any type of rides, but not roller coasters)
  5. TRUE or FALSE: Did Batman and Robin ever get repainted while the 10 years it was in the park?
  6. What type of launch system does Kingda Ka use?
  7. How many WOODEN roller coasters are there currently in the park? (as of 2007)
  8. Smoking is only allowed in Six Flags Great Adventure (and all other Six Flags parks as well) under what circumstance?
  9. If you add up Kingda Ka's total height and total speed, and then MULTIPLY by the total time it takes Kingda Ka to reach FULL SPEED, what would be the number you end up with? (EXAMPLE: El Toro is 181' high, and top speed is 70 MPH, and lets say it takes 4
  10. What 3 rides were REMOVED to make way for El Toro and Plaza Del Carnavale? (little carousel not included) HINT: ONE ROLLER COASTER, 2 FLAT RIDES (a flat ride is any ride, but not a roller coaster) answer would be in order as follows : roller coaster, flat
  11. During Fright Fest 2007, what song was used to officially start Fright Fest (with dance) during the aWAKEaning Parade?
  12. In Fright Fest 2007, what did The Ghoul Master's 'betch', or servent read to awaken the evil Dr. Fright? (be specific; what kind of book; saying, chant)
  13. Before Six Flags bought what was then known only as Great Adventure, did the original concept of Run-A-Way Mine Train (witch is still in the park today) have an 'under-water tunnel?'
  14. What date did Great Adventure ORIGINALLY open?
  15. The park had many rides when it first opened. Name three.
  16. Dead Man's Party is an AMAZING show at Six Flags Great Adventure's FRIGHT FEST (weekends in October, only). Its a show with amazing singers, dancers, and special effects to make a great, Halloween theam. What was the LAST song they sang in the show during
  17. What roller coaster does Kingda Ka beat to get named the title "Tallest Roller Coaster on Earth?"
  18. Kingda Ka has 4 trains. Can you name the MAIN color of each train?
  19. When Great Adventure opened in 1974, what was the logo?
  20. True Or false: The 'zero G rolls' (barrel rolls, twists, ext.) were taken away on Batman and Robin: The Chiller, and then replaced with "S-Curves." The ride was then removed later that year (2007). Batman: The Chiller never opened. True or False
  21. Whitch on of these companies is a spomcer of Six Flags Great Adventure (as of 2007)
  22. True or false: Kingda Ka is also a tiger in the Golden Kingdom's Temple Of The Tiger.

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