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blah, I hate this thing paragraph thing. I never know what to say or write :b well this isn't an update on my series or anything. It's just something that I'd let you guys....

.... know about because turnabout75 gave me this really good idea and I liked it haha so I'm just explaining most of it. yuppp, I'm just happy it's summer- More time to write (:

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Hi guys (: Okay so this announcement is just for something I'm doing that I took into consideration.
  2. I was reading through my part 30 comments and turnaround75 actually gave me a really good idea (:
  3. She gave me the idea to make a Tumblr for my series and I actually thought it was a pretty good idea, because I go on tumblr a lot :b
  4. So I made one on there and my username is, well obviously, TheRecklessBam :b
  5. I made one so I can communicate w/ you guys on there, too. Because GTQ sometimes doesn't always post my comments, or deletes them :l plus I can follow you guys, if you have one. (:
  6. Okay well anyways I just had to say that and I'm now continuing on part 31! and as I said before it's going to be longer (:
  7. so yeah that's all I had to say, but if you guys don't have a tumblr it's fine I know some people don't but I don't know who has one and who doesn't.
  8. How's your summer going? (:
  9. Anyone going on vacation? If you are I'm jealous of you :b I'm staying in my city, blah.
  10. Well have a good day guys (: I'm off to continue on part 31, it should be out tomorrow (:
  11. oh! and I forgot to mention that on the life between magic and boys, I'm changing a few things to make it better (:

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