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blah, I hate this thing paragraph thing. I never know what to say or write :b well this is just an update on my series and the mashup with xxblutixx (:

I know Im sort of delayed on part 34. Sorry ive been busy but im already making it and it should be out soon (: and I have news about the Mashup too (:

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Hiii! Im so sorry that Im taking forever to make part 34 :l Im working on it I just have been busy but now Im back to writing it
  2. I dont know when forsure its going to be out because i've also been working on the mash up w/ xxblutixx. Infusion should be out tonight or tomorrow.
  3. Yeah and part 34 might be kind of short but at least its going to be out :P
  4. yeah well thats all I had to tell you guys (: but one more thing!
  5. Some of you have asked me if you can give me a character to enter into my series and such and I dont think I replied? But I said you guys can (:
  6. All I need is A name/description/ good or evil/ and powers or what ever else you want to add.
  7. Just leave your character in the comments and I'll copy it down (:
  8. I don't promise that it's going to be in the series right away, but it eventually will. And its not a going to be a major character, just a minor. x
  9. Okay well make sure to check out the mashup! Me and xxblutixx are doing it (: Its going to be called Infusion.
  10. Bye! x(:

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