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  • I don't know if I'm late, but I'm hoping not :P I think I put a description in another one of the quizzes though. Well anyways, my name would be Nicole, I would be either good or bad, you can choose for me, I'll be fine with any decision. I would want to have the power to absorb active powers and use the powers of my opponent(s) against them and have mind control and/ or super speed. I'm good in battle, using my opponents powers against them or controlling them and well yea. Thanks :)

  • I am so glad it going to be out. + the only reason why I don't want be to in your story is Because then I can't have Jake. Everyone should/does know that Jake is mine. So I was heart broken when you nearly killed him. Anyway I can't wait for the next part.

  • Wait what if we put a description in tht other quiz? Cuz I did tht but I didn't know tht we had to out powers and good/evil but I could just put tht here

    Ok I'm good and my powers are super speed and invisibility c: ok thanks!


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