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The zombie apocalypse has arrived and everything went to straight chaos. To survive you'll have to put your emotions away and become the king of the jungle. Or you could help other survivors and be a true friend. Either way, you'll have to make tough calls and have sharp instincts. What will be your approach?

Take this immersive, apocalyptic quiz that will test your ability to survive, and find out how you will fit into this chaotic world. Will you be a hero or a villain? A killer or a savior, or maybe something in between?

Created by: HeartLocker
  1. You barricaded yourself in a library to hide from the Walker Horde that was chasing you. Just when you explore the library deeper you step on a trap that pulls you to the ceiling. You are now hanging upside down, and the walkers have broke into the building. What do you do?
  2. You're walking through the forest, bringing back supplies to your group. Along with you is your friend David. Suddenly you hear multiple gunshots from a few hundred meters away. You don't know what is happening or who is shooting. One of you has a hunting rifle, and the other a pistol, but you are a better shooter. What do you do?
  3. You just spotted an intruder around your base. You and your group take him in and start questioning him. He confesses he's been living alone for the past few months, and he was just scavenging some food. Few moments later, you hear a person talking out of a Walkie-Talkie: "Come in Isaac, what's your status?". It comes from the intruder. What is your approach?
  4. It's winter. Your group of 4 adults and 2 children is close to dying from starvation, cold and wounds. From the distance you spot a person with a bag and a backpack, full of supplies. The person is armed with an Assault Rifle, but hasn't seen you. What do you do?
  5. You're a bandit. You and your partner kill people on sight and take their stuff. You bait them, making yourself look wounded and helpless, and he kills them from the distance with his sniper rifle. One day, the victim you have in front of you is none else but your brother! You had no idea he survived, and can't believe your eyes. The problem is, there will be a bullet heading towards his head in about 1 second. You must act quickly ... what do you do?
  6. After 2 years you have reunited with your best friend, but the group you're in refuses to take him because there'd be too many mouths to feed. You can't really convince them to accept him/her, what else will you do?
  7. You're part of a big group of 68 people, sheltered in a deposit building - very safe and full of weapons, food and medicine for months. The group breaks down and divides into two sides, each fighting to take over the building. None wants to stop until the other is completely wiped out. You've already chosen your side and fought for 3 weeks. 21 people have died including your child, and you feel like you can't take it anymore. What will you do?
  8. You and your 7 year-old daughter are helping Dr. Scott, the last scientist from the Texas Institute of Biosciences and Technology to search for a cure. Your daughter just confessed to you that she has been sexually abused by the doctor. You and her walk to the doctor's lab. When the doctor confesses and shows no regret, you lose your mind and start being aggressive. To defend himself, he throws some lethal biochemical substance on you, but also hits your daughter. The antidote is enough for only one person, and must be given fast. Your daughter is scared and crying. What will you do?
  9. You went hunting in the forest and shot a deer. The deer keeps running for a few meters then collapses to the ground. You rush to claim your prize, but right in front of you a pack of hungry wolves surround the deer. You ...
  10. You and your friend were heading towards an Evacuation Point, but got ambushed by walkers in the forest. Your friend sacrificed himself for you and now he's bit. Exhausted, he collapses next to a tree and can't go any further. The helicopter will leave soon. You ...
  11. Well, well! The person you hate the most and always wanted to take revenge on has just appeared in front of your group, asking for shelter. And you're the leader. What will you do?
  12. You got your radio working and you pick up a distress call of a woman desperately crying for help. The signal comes from a Nuclear Power Plant next to your city. You ...
  13. You were on a scavenging run with two other people. Suddenly they get into such an aggressive argument and start fighting. One of them pulls out his gun and shoots dead the other guy. He tells you it was an accident and begs you not to tell anyone. You...
  14. Which quote describes you best :

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