The Venturiantale Fan Quiz

Venturiantale is Youtube's best youtubers! My favorite and hopefully yours too! Funny, clean, entertaining... everything you need in a youtube channel!

Are you a true Adventurer? Do YOU think of yourself as a mega fan? These questions can be answered with this quiz! Just take it to truly find out your result!

Created by: MegaAdventurer
  1. What is Venturians real name?
  2. What is ImmortalKyodai's real name?
  3. What is HomelessGoombas real name?
  4. What is Venturians middle name?
  5. What was the video game they played in their first real video?
  6. How did Venturian come up with their emblem?
  7. What is ImmortalKyodai's favorite color?
  8. What is Bethany's favorite weapon?
  9. What is Venturians favorite video game?
  10. What is their mothers name?
  11. What is their last name?
  12. Who is the eldest sibling?
  13. Who is the youngest sibling?
  14. Which of Venturians characters represent him the most?
  15. How old is Venturian?

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